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Year of Planning Goals

Final Goals from the First Phase of the Year of Planning:

Colorado College will...

Goal #1 - Recruit, cultivate, and support exceptional and diverse students who will become stewards and leaders of a rapidly changing, interdependent world.

Goal #2 - Create new avenues of inventiveness, flexibility and connection by re-envisioning the Block Plan.

Goal #3 - Provide and support the framework to cultivate and build a bustling center of interdisciplinarity, critical inquiry, and innovative teaching and learning methods.

Goal #4 - Attract, develop, and retain exceptional and diverse faculty

Goal #5 - Provide an aesthetic, sustainable landscape and built environment that are in harmony with collaborative, interdisciplinary teaching and learning, but that also embody our regional and historical identity.

Goal #6 - Strengthen connections to the local community and greater Rocky Mountain region by acting as a confluence of ideas, perspectives and actions.

Goal #7 - Promote exploration and discovery in both academic and co-curricular contexts, on and off-campus, so that Colorado College students grow as citizens and leaders of diverse communities in a rapidly changing world.

Goal #8 - Leverage the structural advantages of the Block Plan by increasing educational opportunities, specifically for new constituencies.

Goal #9 - Establish Colorado College as the center for critical and civic engagement at the intersection of the Southwest and Rocky Mountain region by integrating and building upon existing programs and our location.

Goal #10 - Collectively, vigorously, and intentionally promote Colorado College’s identity and core strengths.

Goal #11 - Be a nationally recognized great place to work.

Goal #12 - Attract, develop and retain exceptional and diverse staff.

Goal #13 - [With the use of a scrum team and outside expertise, identify and] Adopt communication and administrative structures that will enhance transparency and institutional effectiveness.

From the Board of Trustees, July 14, 2012:

It is the unanimous consensus of the Board of Trustees that the President lead a strategic planning process to examine and affirm aspirational goals for the future of Colorado College and then recommend a prioritized series of action items designed to propel the institution's capabilities in the following dimensions:

  • elevate the college's identity as a highly-selective liberal arts institution
  • strengthen the academic program with an emphasis on engaged teaching and learning
  • explore how our unique location, character and community can be leveraged to support the academic venture and promote a collective sense of place
  • evaluate and enhance institutional effectiveness and efficiency to better position the institution for evolving changes in higher education