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Virtual Computer Lab

Virtual Computer lab:


Virtual computer labs allow students to access specialized software (like GIS, Stata, SPSS, etc.) from their own laptops without needing to install that software on their computers (doing individual installs is prohibitively expensive, and often not compatible with macs).  Students use a remote desktop protocol to connect to the virtual lab computer and use the software from within that remote connection.  In order to accomplish this initiative, we would need to invest in high quality server technology since our current virtual lab lacks the capacity to accommodate demanding software like GIS.  The goal is to increase access to important tools such as GIS, Nvivo, and SPSS.


After the Steering committee decided to send this to the Cabinet for consideration and possible implementation, the Information Management department has scheduled a Focus Day to work on and identify the issues brought to light in this suggestion.  There will be an update with further details following the Focus Day, please check back soon.