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Venture Grant Collaboration

Venture Grant Collaboration:
The Venture Grant program is set up to de-incentivize student collaboration. In effect, there is a collaboration penalty for projects submitted by more than 1 student—Individuals can be awarded up to $1,000 for their proposal, while joint proposals (2 or more students) can be awarded up to $1,500.

This has been a historical award pattern: prior to the current award limits, the previous limit imposed an even greater collaboration penalty (Individual limit $850, group limit $1,000).

The venture grant award procedure needs to be reviewed so that it recognizes the value of collaboration.

After being reviewed by the DAC, they decided to change the award for collaborative projects.  Students who apply in collaboration are no longer de-incentivized with less funding as they can now ask for the same amount of funding per student as students who apply for Venture Grants individually.