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The Press

Meeting on the Press

23 October 2012

The Press.  The Press is exemplary. What it gets is not as much as what it can give.  The Press is valuable because of its sense of CC history. We do not necessarily have a lot of inherent tradition and history, but the Press offers that continuity across blocks. 

  • Funding. The Press is self-funded and it has been easy to get targeted funding for it.
  • Learning community. The model the Press offers as a learning community in which everyone works together is perhaps the future. It offers an opportunity to weave together various disciplines, particularly since it is not anchored to any specific departments, in a transformative, aesthetic, experience. In addition, students can affect change on a local level with hands-on engagement. There is value in what a student learns in the classroom and being able to re-frame it in an artistic, pragmatic medium like the press. It is also a community-building space that is non-hierarchical that fosters relationships between faculty, staff, and students. The Press allows for casual mentorships and nurtures the idea that teaching and learning happens much more fluidly than simply in the classroom. The Press is known for being universally helpful and could be a great way to continue to bring in bright minds interested in the book.
  • Should we expand the Press? The Press would likely lose its value if it was multiplied because students would lose close interaction with the artist. Perhaps a goal would be for every student to use the press, but we would need greater resources: people; space. More attention equals more demand and resources and right now the staff feels they are running at full capacity. Perhaps we should continue to be known for the beauty and moral thought that the Press teaches and allow for self-recruitment. Integrating the Press with the library might be problematic as students want their own space to work and socialize.
  • Minor in the book. CC is one of the few places where students can minor in the book, and that makes us distinctive.
  • Student agency. Students have a sense of authorship and self-worth from working at the Press. The agency of students is something that distinguishes CC.

Colorado Springs community. Perhaps we should have more workshops with/for the community. There are overwhelming amounts of interest for such workshops, but a lack of resources. There have been initiatives to more actively involve/support the local community. We should have more engagement with Colorado Springs.

Class size. Class size was raised as a concern, particularly language classes, introductory classes, and FYEs.  Classes at other (research) institutions are smaller to allow for more personalization.