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Meeting on Sustainability

30 October 2012

Attendees: Staff and Interns from the Sustainability Office, Facilities Staff; Faculty, Students involved in the CC Farm, and Representatives from Strategic Planning Committees.

Extending our Reach

CC as critical citizen.  CC can and should model, enable, and research sustainability efforts for the larger community

Identity.  We should integrate our identity as a pro- and actively sustainable campus into our "branding" as well as curriculum and budget.  In other words, our leadership in this area should be an essential component of what we are known for regionally, nationally, and even internationally.

For what should CC be known and why?

  • What students who study overseas bring back to campus from other countries and cultures.
  • Our sustainability efforts and our environmental programs (academic and otherwise).

Possible initiatives.

  • An NSO around sustainability.
  • A Southwest think-tank around sustainability, particularly water issues.

Engaged Teaching and Learning

Sustainability/liberal arts.  We should involve students in projects to increase their awareness of aspects of sustainability such as food sourcing and processing, energy usage, etc., making it an inescapable and fundamental aspect of a liberal arts education at CC.

Interdisciplinarity.  We may need to make the boundaries around academic disciplines more porous, we talk about being interdisciplinary but are we really?


Funding for sustainability initiatives. Ongoing sustainability initiatives have saved the college a lot of money over the last several years. It would be nice to use some of the savings to fund additional projects.

Colorado Springs community.  There are things that we cannot do alone (like big renewable energy).  We need to work with the larger community.

Buildings.  Some buildings are challenges in terms of energy use, specifically Armstrong, Olin and Palmer.

Square footage.  We should look at whether we have an appropriate amount of square footage per student. Right now we have a lot relatively due in large part to block plan, but are there changes we can make to optimize space?

Baca campus.  Every class that goes to Baca could/should/does have an environmental "tangent" to it.

Integrated design.  How can faculty and students be more involved in integrated design, including the design of our environment, beyond just buildings.

CC Farm.  Working on the Farm is an incredibly rich learning experience.

Possible goal: to have an integrated community (broader community engagement) around issues of sustainability.

Possible goal: re-affirmation of the goal of carbon neutrality by 2020 (e.g. the President’s Climate Commitment signed by President Celeste).