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Staff (all)

Notes from All-Staff Meeting

4 October 2012

Extending Our Reach

Campus Community: We do not always know what others on campus are doing.  To improve campus communication/collaboration, we should ask “how can we get to know each other better?”  Concern about CC’s lack of a community space and how most departments are silo-ed in small office buildings.  In terms of tackling the campus communication concern, it might be a good idea to have a person or department in charge of internal communication.  We need to create more opportunities for connections between faculty and staff. 

For what should CC be known?

  • Preparing students to be “global citizens.”
  • Providing the best outdoor educational experience in the nation.
  • Being good stewards of our students’ dollars.
  • Quality facilities on campus.
  • Having a low staff/faculty turnover for the right reasons.
  • Pioneer spirit.

Institutional Effectiveness

Structure: What is CC’s organizational structure?  It is not always clear how the structure of CC functions.  A lot of times things are convoluted and confusing.  It would be good for CC if we could improve our ability to make decisions so that it did not involve a long bureaucratic process.  We need to get away from the “value hierarchy at CC”; we should we avoid a structure that mirrors a “caste system.”  There’s a feeling around campus that it is not always safe to tell the truth at forums like this one.  People have been feeling pressured into being silent.   Because of the way the structure is now, some people tend to feel like they should just be quiet instead of speaking up about their concerns.  Some feel that they cannot speak up at forums like this because they are afraid of the repercussions of doing so.

Compensation: Structurally, we are better when everyone is compensated better.  This is a major aspect of moving forward.  Most staff members feel that their workload is too much and their pay too little, so how are we supposed to be expected to take on new Strategic Planning initiatives on top of our current work?  How can we make our staff happier?

Prioritization: How can we focus on what is important and not on what is urgent? Prioritization is most important to this process, yet it was mentioned that no one at CC is particularly great at this at any level.

Decision-making: When big administrative decisions are made, it would be helpful to see who made the decision.


Library: We need to improve the Library and we could use technology as a part of developing it.

Community: Possible initiative: having students stay in the area for community service so as to connect with our Colorado Springs community.

Engaged Teaching and Learning

Staff’s role: The majority of the staff focus here at CC is about the student experience to a greater degree than at most colleges/universities.  We’re all in this together for the same goal of turning out quality graduates. 

Off-campus programs: Do we need to create more study abroad opportunities when we already have opportunities for domestic study off-campus?

Post-Graduation: We need to be focused on increasing our students’ functionality, meaning that students need to be prepared for a world that does not operate on the Block Plan.