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Staff (all) 10-26

Meeting with All Staff

26 October 2012

Extending Our Reach

CC should be known for:

  • What our students learn.
  • How we prepare students for the world, life skills (e.g. getting up in the morning) as well as academic rigor.
  • Being the best place to work (staff and faculty recruitment and retention).

Honnen Ice Rink has a place in the community.  It builds connections between CC and locals.

How can we make it easier to collaborate with outside people and organizations given the constraints and demands of the Block Plan?

Teaching & Learning

We need to better recognize the holistic nature of education, and that it happens outside the classroom too (residence life programming, internships, co-curricular learning, etc.) How can what staff do with regard to teaching and learning be better integrated with the curriculum and better communicated? 

We need to better capitalize on experiential learning and be more intentional about it.

We should allow/encourage staff to take classes, not just professional development but also CC (Block Plan) classes.


A unique aspect of our geographic location is our proximity to USOC and national sports-governing bodies.

Institutional Effectiveness

Staff need to be empowered to make suggestions.