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Retired Faculty

Notes—Meeting with Retired Faculty

27 September 2012

Attendees:  Dave Armstong, Ruth Barton, Rick Bradley, Glenn Brooks, Emily Chan, Maria Daniels, Elaine Freed, Carlton Gamer, Kathy Giuffre, Werner Heim, Al Johnson, Marshall Kean, John Lauer, Ina Malyshev, Laurel McLeod, Jo Orsborne, Judy Pickle, Horst Richardson, Libby Rittenberg, Carl Roberts, Tom Sanny, Barry Sarchett, Mike Taber, Sandi Wong

  • Access, particularly with regard to financial aid.  Need to give careful thought, especially to middle-class families.  Need-blind admissions as important goal.
  • Learning to focus intensively on something for three and a half weeks is a great outcome of the block plan.
  • Where are the plans for the library going?  Be sure to look at the plans that have already been made, rather than reinvent the wheel.
  • Many of the questions that the strategic planning process is addressing are ones that past strategic planning processes have addressed.  Can learn from those thoughts.

Plea for “access instead of buildings"