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Residential Life

Meeting with Residential Life Staff

9 October 2012

Attendees: All Residential Life Student Staff, Residential Life Coordinators, and John Lauer, Senior Associate Dean of Students and Director of Residential Life

Extending Our Reach

Being known: CC should be a place that is known. Overwhelmingly, people do not know about CC.  No one knows what CC is in Colorado.  You hear more about DU than you do about CC.  Many people in the downtown area do not know where CC is.  We need to better promote CC to the local community, e.g. expand North Boys.  Relationship with Colorado Springs is strained. NSO should take place entirely in Colorado Springs. Going to a dog shelter in Santa Fe after a ten-hour bus ride is inadequate. There is a lot with Waldo Canyon that can be done. One could work at the Fine Arts Center.

For what, specifically, should CC be known, and why?

  • Relationship-based learning: (e.g. going over to professor’s houses and exchanging learning with your peers). We still hold true to an oral learning tradition of the great thinkers and of the ancients.
  • The holistic student: Part of the block plan is being able to be a proactive person who is constantly going in so many different realms.  Be a well-rounded, involved student.
  • Civic engagement: CC should empower people to become civically engaged. We do not relate to our community or put in practice social justice.
  • We should not be known for weed. We should not be known for littering, or vomiting, or peeing on our neighbor’s houses.

Engaged Teaching and Learning

Who comes to CC? The CC Person is a friendly, liberal, vegetarian hippie. Currently CC attracts a certain type of person. We might want to change CC’s aura to include incentives for expression from students in the minority, including political minorities. We have an Obama table in our student center every day, and we don’t have a Romney table.  The school itself falls short on including those with whom the majority of students disagree.  Maybe we should have more social conservatives come to CC, but people less radical than Bay Buchanan.  CC has shifted its admissions from interesting to elite. We have sacrificed things like arts or humanities or social sciences.  Being better does not necessarily mean being more scientific.

Block Plan: The block plan has allowed field trips that have would never be part of the regular semester plan.  Putting theory into practice is really important. The block plan allows for that more than any other schools do.

Class Size: The small class sizes and professors knowing everyone’s name in the class is very important. We don’t have 500 person lecture halls here at CC.

FYE: For some, FYE was really great.  Having a small group of students and getting to know some professors was a great opportunity.  For others, FYEs are very limiting. They have nothing to do with one’s overall academic course of study.  An FYE committee member is trying to get more science FYEs. Increasing science FYEs is a big priority for the committee.

Majors: Some think we should introduce majors earlier, perhaps during NSO or FYE, to give people a better path of what they want to pursue in school.  Some majors must be declared earlier than others.  Others feel it is best to know some options before you chose your major. 

All-College Requirements: The all-college requirements are really great.

Point System:  The point system should be reconsidered for choosing classes. The problem with the point system is that is gets more and more inflated every year.

Funding: Venture grants and money from departments are awesome because they give you money so you can do something that other people appreciate.  We need to subsidize student research better. There are students who are forced to choose between research and working. Research funding for students should be expanded.

Conferences: OMIS has done a great job of asking students to attend conferences. This program should be extended to the general student body. Conferences also encourage students to represent CC.


Campus Life: Improve trans issues and LGBTQ.  Provide more gender-neutral bathrooms and housing.  Stop making mental health invisible.  Heather Horton is no longer the SARC so CC is making more effort to transition.  She is not able to do two jobs at once.

Campus Community: We are not that well rounded or inclusive.  A Republican is not part of the community. If you don’t have groupthink, you are excluded from the community.  It is not always what the majority is; its what people think the majority is. 

Leadership Opportunities: There are many opportunities for students to get leadership experience (e.g. RA, theatre workshop, SOSS). Clubs have an impact here at CC.