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Reporting Tool for Campus Budget Managers

Reporting Tool for Campus Budget Managers

Develop a user friendly, reporting tool for campus budget managers. Began discussing "on-line banking" style reporting which would enable budget managers to NOT spend additional time/resources trying to manipulate their data to determine what they have spent money on and how much is still available. Project in the queue between Finance and IT, but currently has no dedicated resources (internal or external). This would make financial management incredibly efficient for the entire campus.


After being sent to the Cabinet for consideration, this idea was passed along to the Finance and Administration office.  In addition to actively working on this issue in this department, the Finance and Administration office has also hired a Financial Analysis and Reporting Manager who, among other responsibilities, will work on resolving issues like this one.  This office is working on developing a product that will serve as a "user friendly reporting tool for campus budget managers," but this will likely not be finished for several months.