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A Distinctive Place of Learning Committee

Guiding Questions

  • As our students represent more diversity and their lives revolve more around social media, how can the residential experience help them develop and maintain relationships, and live out the core values of the college?
  • How can we benefit from our location in the Southwest as we offer one of the country’s premier liberal arts experiences?
  • As we become even more aware of the need to sustain the health of our physical environment, how can we use the undergraduate experience to instill lifelong habits of environmental conservation and stewardship? How can we do even more to protect the physical resources that will sustain the college in the future?
  • How can we increase our presence as a critical strategic element of Colorado Springs?
  • How can our alumni be more active and engaged?


Emily Chan – Co-chair, Faculty, Psychology
Christine Siddoway – Co-chair, Faculty, Geology (staffed by Dan Marion)
Jessica Copeland – Staff, Collaborative for Community Engagement
Chris Coulter – Staff, Facilities
Dan Crossey ’74 – Staff, Facilities
Angela Hines ’82, (P ’12, ’13) – Staff, Alumni/Parent Relations (Fall)
Jessica Hunter-Larsen ’90 – IDEA Space
Corina McKendry – Faculty, Political Science
Dave Munger – Community Member, ONEN, Chair of Mayor's Streetscape Solutions Team
Gale Murray – Faculty, Art (Chair of Design Review Board)
Barry Sarchett (P ’96, ’99) – Faculty, English
Roger Smith (OMIS)
Charis Whitnah '13 
Martha Wolday '14 (Fall)
David Wright '15
Peter Wright – Faculty, Religion


Through extensive outreach that is well documented, identify goals and initiatives to leverage our unique location, character and community to support the academic venture and promote a collective sense of place.


03/15/13 - Evaluated 395 proposed initiatives; Submitted 9 to Steering Committee
03/12/13 - Committee Meeting (Finalize Initiatives through email correspondence)
03/08/13 - Committee Meeting (Synthesize Initiatives)
03/06/13 - Strategic Planning Chairs Meeting
02/22/13 - Committee Meeting (Synthesize Initiatives)
02/14/13 - Strategic Planning Chairs Meeting
02/08/13 - Committee Meeting (Discuss Initiatives) 
02/01/13 - Strategic Planning Chairs Meeting
02/01/13 - Committee Meeting (Discuss Initiatives)
01/25/13 - Committee Meeting (Discuss Initiatives) 
01/17/13 - Winter Conference Initiative Sessions
---Winter Break ---
12/14/12 - Committee Meeting (Goal Submission)
11/30/12 - Committee Meeting
11/16/12 - Committee Meeting (Goal Draft)
11/02/12 - Committee Meeting
10/30/12 - Sustainability Meeting
10/29/12 - Technology in the Classroom and in Research
10/23/12 - Meeting with the Press
10/22/12 - Local Alumni Breakfast Forum
10/20/12 - Strategic Planning—Again
10/19/12 - All Staff Meeting
10/18/12 - Student Town Hall Forum
10/18/12 - Proposal for Semester in the Arts
10/18/12 - Geology Class Meeting
10/18/12 - Blended Teaching and Learning in the Social Sciences
10/17/12 - Colorado Springs Community Town Hall meeting
10/15/12 - Attracting, supporting, and maintaining the best faculty
10/13/12 - Alumni / Parent Homecoming Town Hall Meeting
10/12/12 - Staff Information Session
10/11/12 - Blue Key, Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta 
10/10/12 - Diverse Campus
10/10/12 - Residential Life
10/09/12 - Meeting with Language Faculty
10/09/12 - Meeting with Athletics
10/05/12 - Sustainability and Relationship with Colorado Springs
10/04/12 - Staff Information Session
10/04/12 - Domestic Off-Campus programs
10/04/12 - Design Review Board Meeting and Campus Design Process
10/03/12 - Office of Minority and International Students
10/03/12 - Tenured Faculty, Adjunct, and Lecturers
10/02/12 - Meeting about the Library
10/01/12 - Assistant Faculty Meeting
09/27/12 - Emeritus Faculty Meeting
09/26/12 - Meeting with the Art Department
09/21/12 - Board of Trustees Meeting
09/21/12 - Humanities Faculty Information Session
09/20/12 - Natural Sciences Information Session
09/19/12 - Social Sciences Faculty Meeting
09/11/12 - FEC Governance with Curricular-related Committees
09/13/12 - Asian Studies Faculty interview
09/11/12 - Pikes Peak Justice and Peak Commission
09/07/12 - Committee meeting
08/31/12 - Chaplains Office meeting
08/23/12 - Strategic Planning Committee Retreat #1


Click here for a list of recommended resources. 




8/23 Thursday

Strategic Planning Committee Retreat #1

First week of September

Outreach and Goals before next meeting

9/7 Friday
Tutt Science Room 218

Panel meeting
Report on outreach
Report on and discuss outreach planned for the following weeks
Update report about other committees’ progress

9/10 Monday

Department Chairs and Program Directors Meeting

Sept 7 to 21

Continue meeting with constituencies, recording findings, and identifying goals

9/21 Friday

Panel meeting,
Report on and discuss outreach planned for the following weeks
Update report about other committees’ progress


Continue meeting with constituencies, recording findings, and identifying goals

10/5 Friday

Panel meeting
Summary of goals identified thus far.
Examine synergistic opportunities between goals
Examine which goals are top candidates; prepare for next phase (narrow goals down to 5)


Continue meeting with constituencies, recording findings, and identifying goals
Prepare for homecoming as needed

10/11 Thursday – 10/14 Sunday

10/13 Saturday

Homecoming weekend
Opportunity for targeted engagement with alumni and parents.

Homecoming weekend official strategic planning open forum
(1:30 to 3 p.m., Screening Room, Cornerstone Arts Building)


Meetings with constituencies to begin narrowing down goals.

10/19 Friday

Panel meeting

11/2 Friday

Panel meeting
Identify the 5 goals to report to the Steering Committee and the President


Writing and relevant information gathering
Review of draft 5-goal document

11/15 Thursday

Chairs submit 5-goal document

11/16 Friday

Panel meeting
Strategize next phase: Identification of 3 initiatives for each goal

11/30 Friday

Panel meeting

12/14 Friday

Final Panel meeting before winter break
Prepare for January Retreat


Winter break @ CC. Dec 20 to Jan 7


Planning retreat
Joint and separate committee meetings and open meetings for the CC and CS communities to get feedback on proposed goals and generate ideas on possible initiatives