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A Sense of Place Retreat #1

Strategic Planning Retreat #1 – August 23, 2012

Committee Attendees:

Christine Siddoway, Emily Chan, Corina McKendry, Gale Murray, Peter Wright, Barry Sarchett, Jessica Copeland, Dan Crossey, Jessica Hunter Larson, Angela Hines, Chris Coulter, Dave Munger, Charis Whitnah, Martha Wolday

Visioning Exercise:

A majority of conversation centered upon Colorado College as a strategic element in Colorado Springs. In 2025, the visual appearance of the campus will be in harmony with the ideals and CC’s distinctive approaches to liberal learning. The campus buildings will offer a physical expression of the academic mission and will be designed to enhance interactions between diverse factions of the campus. Non-programmed spaces will function as a permeability zone that encourages exploration and discovery of interrelationships and offers a complementarity with formal academic work in classes. They will invite community access and be conducive to civic engagement. The physical spaces will form an indelible memory in CC students that continues to resonate when they are alumni, ensuring strong connections and strong alumni giving.

New Questions:

How do we enhance the living environment of the campus; residential life of our students so to lead to a lifelong connectedness to the college?

How do we embrace the tension of maintaining the core “bubble” of the institution while being permeative to the outside community?

  • Possible Tactics: address transportation issues for students and the fear/intimidation factor of the outside community. Use the Southwest Collections as a means to create a distinctive place and invite community in.

How do we bolster our bridge to the Colorado Springs community?

How do we incentivize the greater Colorado Springs community to economically develop around campus so as to have more interaction between the college and the city?

How do we become a partner in the city and to a player in the thriving “center”; in the region; in the country; and in the world?

How do we collaborate with the Colorado Springs community to enable faculty / student research and teaching / learning within the community of Colorado Springs? Possibly incorporate non-profit training within the classroom. Examples are Casa and Domestic Violence training for TESSA.

Constituencies to Collaborate with:

Colorado College Groups:

Academic Division
Division Executive Committees: Natural Science, Social Science, Humanities and Interdisciplinary
Education Department
FYE (First Year Experience) Committee
Southwest Studies Committee
Summer Programs
International Programs
Collaboration for Civic Engagement
State of the Rockies and Catamount Institute
Student Life Division
Residential Life: RAs, RLC
Career Center
OMIS (Office of Minority and International Students)
Outdoor Education, Campus Activities
Campus Safety
Alumni Relations
Parent Relations
Alumni Board
Washburn Foundation
Sustainability Council
Design Review Board

Athletics Division:
Student Organizations/CCSGA
Design Squad, Students from Environmental Program, LAS (arch & sustb), Student Garden
Bon Appétit and Sodexho
Advancement Division
Office of Alumni & Parent Relations, Alumni Association Executive Committee
Facilities Services

Colorado Springs Community

Old North End Neighborhood Chamber of Commerce
Upper Shooks Run Neighborhood City Council
Colorado Springs Leadership Institute Mayor / Mayor’s Cabinet
Downtown Partnership Board of County Commissioners
Downtown Solutions Team Military (Ft. Carson, Peterson AFB, AFA)
Friends of Monument Valley Park State Legislature
State Education Groups Colorado Springs Utilities
Fine Arts Center Pikes Peak Center
Pikes Peak LD K-12 districts [D-11, etc.]
UCCS / AFA/PPCC/Arapahoe CC United Way
Copper Arts Leadership Pikes Peak
Imagination Celebration State Board of Education
Center for Non-Profit Excellence NAACP
El Pomar Foundation Pikes Peak Community Foundation
Boettcher Foundation Loo & Lane Foundation [?]
Colorado Springs Police & Fire Departments Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission
Norwood Classic
Ball El Paso Pipeline