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Listserv-Digest Effectiveness

Listserv-Digest Effectiveness 


Though the listserv (daily digests) is our primary method of communicating across campus, it’s unclear to some community members who owns and manages the listserv.   Based on strategic planning outreach, should we look into whether or not people should be able to opt out of receiving the Digest(s) every morning?  Along the same lines, it’s unclear where the difference in function lies between the listserv and flash-all messages.  How do we do a better job establishing clear ways for campus to communicate with one another? Should “other” internal communications run through Communications, such as listserv postings? Beyond the listserv, are there better ways for the campus community to communicate with various aspects of the community?  With the new campus calendar, do we need events posted on the listserv?  Is the Student Digest the best way to communicate with students?  If there is an important change coming up or process that is beginning, how should the offices convey announcements to other offices on campus?


Sent to the Cabinet for consideration.