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Honor Council

Meeting with the Honor Council

31 October 2012

Attendees: 20 Student Honor Council Members; Isaac Green and Joseph Patterson (Honor Council Co-Chairs); Dennis McEnnerney (Honor Council Advisor); Re Evitt (Associate Dean of the College); and John Gould (Committee on Engaged Teaching and Learning).

Extending Our Reach

What, specifically, should CC be known for, and why?  The honor code system. The honor code underpins everything we do, instilling a sense of trust in students and faculty. The honor code is deeply empowering and allows students the autonomy to create an academic community. UVA and other schools are known for their honor code, we should be too. CC should have a sense of pride and shared belonging in the honor code system. The honor code is liberating and the independence is exciting. It is an important lesson of the liberal arts. In a world where cheating is endemic, the honor code is an important framework. The honor code is fundamentally about authorship.

Engaged Teaching and Learning

What is the future of the Honor Council? We often have cases where faculty fail to communicate expectations to students. Standards are wildly different between departments and between faculty members. The honor council has been criticized for lacking diversity. Often all-white panels adjudicate the case of a student of color. Honor Council is autonomous and student supported, but also ignored by administrators until an important case comes up. We could also use more resources and an increased communication flow with the faculty, so we can be proactive in addressing problems, not reactive. The Honor Council should be allowed to speak at NSO. It should not have been cut from the program. We can empower students to take charge of their education in new ways. For example, maybe each department student advisory group could lead the "advocacy" part of honor council, so the council itself could focus solely on adjudication. Other possibilities include a retreat with FYE instructors, a town hall with Jill, and a place at Pizza with the Deans.