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Extending Our Reach Committee

Guiding Questions

  • How can we be better known for what we do?
  • How can our entrepreneurial spirit extend our reach?
  • Should we consider establishing a physical location in another part of the U.S. or the world?


Corinne Scheiner – Chair, Faculty, Comparative Literature (staffed by Andrew Streight)
Ivan Gaetz – Staff, Library
Claire Garcia (P’06) – Faculty, English
Mary Frances Kerr – Staff, Advancement
Mark Lee - Staff, Communications
Kristina Lybecker – Faculty, Economics
Elliot Mamet '15 
Jess Meyer '13 
Ken Ralph – Cabinet, Director of Athletics
Carrie Ruiz – Faculty, Spanish
Mike Taber ’86 (P ’12) – Faculty, Education
Fred Tinsley (P ’05) – Faculty, Math


Through extensive outreach that is well documented, identify a few promising ideas for new programs that build on our current strengths and support our core mission.


Committee Meetings:

8/23/2012--Strategic Planning Retreat #1
9/6/2012--Block 1 Committee Meeting #1
9/20/2012--Block 1 Committee Meeting #2
10/1/2012--Block 2 Committee Meeting #1
10/15/2012--Block 2 Committee Meeting #2
10/29/2012--Block 3 Committee Meeting #1

1/23/2013--Block 5 Committee Meeting: Discuss Initiatives
2/4/2013--Block 5 Committee Meeting: Discuss Initiatives
2/18/2013--Block 6 Committee Meeting: Discuss Initiatives
3/4/2013--Block 6 Committee Meeting: Discuss Initiatives
3/8/2013--EOR Meeting with Place committee
3/13/2013--Block 6 Committee Meeting: Finalize Initiatives (Evaluated 461 proposed initiatives, submitted 8 initiatives to the Steering Committee)

Outreach Meetings:

9/6/2012--Advisors to Off-Campus Programs
9/10/2012--Department Chairs and Program Directors (informational)
9/18/2012--Students-Old Town (informational)
9/19/2012--Social Sciences Faculty
9/20/2012--Students (Loomis) (informational)
9/20/2012--Natural Sciences Faculty
9/21/2012--Board of Trustees
9/21/2012--Humanities Faculty
9/24/2012--ID Program Faculty
9/26/2012--Art Department
9/27/2012--Staff (all) (informational)
9/27/2012--Retired Faculty
10/2/2012--The Library
10/2/2012--International Programs
10/4/2012--Design Review Board and Integrated Design Club
10/4/2012--Domestic Off-campus programs
10/4/2012--Staff (all)
10/8/2012--Civic Engagement
10/9/2012--Residential Life
10/10/2012--Diverse Campus
10/16/2012--Staff (all)
10/17/2012--Greek Community
10/19/2012--Staff (all)
10/23/2012--The Press
10/26/2012--Staff (all)
10/31/2012--Honor Council


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