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Engaged Teaching and Learning Retreat #1

Strategic Planning Retreat #1 – August 23, 2012

Committee Attendees:

Tip Ragan (chair), Andrea Bruder, Inger Bull, Kathy Giuffre, John Gould, Mark Hatch, Charlotte Kaye, Phoebe Lostroh, Rochelle Mason, Ryan Platt, and James Silvester


We had several discussions throughout the day: a visioning exercise; a brainstorming activity related to the committee’s charge; and a conversation about which constituencies we would like to consult during fall 2012.

Visioning exercise:

The visioning exercise was useful primarily to get committee members to “think big.”  What kind of institution would we like to see Colorado College become by 2025.  Topics that emerged included (1) the quality of the learning experience (such as classroom dynamics and engaged student/faculty collaboration, top notch interdisciplinary opportunities), (2) the importance of attracting the best and most diverse students and faculty possible, and (3) growing the endowment to ensure top-quality instructional and research success across the entire institution.

Constituencies to Collaborate with:

Finally, the committee began to explore which constituencies we would like to meet this semester.  They include (in no particular order), but should not limited to:

CCSGA, which would host two campus-side student events, as well as another meeting with the Heads of State;
Honor Council;
Enrollment Management and Retention/Students of Concern Committees;
Student Athletes;
Meeting with students representing the following groups (Venture Grant recipients; Collaboration Research grantees, Boettcher Scholars), Paraprofs, and Faculty Advisors for Distinguished Fellowships;
Learning Commons/Learning Commons Oversight Committee;
Residence Life;
Collaborative for Community Engagement;
Student Life Division;
International Studies Committee and variety of faculty who have taught off-campus courses;
Southwest Studies and Baca campus;
Minority Concerns Committee/Women’s Concerns Committee/Diversity Task Force;
Admissions and Financial Aid;
Career Center;
Faculty Executive Committee;
Divisional Committees (NSEC, HEC, SSEC)
Mellon Committee;
Library Committee;
Assistant Professors;
Open Faculty Meeting;
Curriculum Committee/General Education Oversight Committee/Committee on Instruction/First Year
Experience Committee;
Chairs and Program Heads;
Instructional Technology
Staff Council
Phi Beta Kappa
Academic Events Committee


One concrete suggestion emerged that we would like considered:  Should we have in Worner a box so that people could drop in anonymous comments or should we put up a bulletin board where people can leave suggestions?