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Institutional Effectiveness Committee

IEC: Constituencies Reached

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Colorado Springs Community


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Sustainability Council

Year 1

  • How can Colorado College be positioned to be more nimble and at ease with change?
  • Where are the opportunities for improved efficiencies in operations?

Year 2

  • What resources can we leverage to implement the strategic plan?
  • What initiatives and efficiency opportunities will require additional resources?  Which initiatives are fundraising opportunities?


Stacy Lutz Davidson – Co-Chair, Staff, Business (staffed by Andrew Streight)
John Lauer - Co–Chair, Staff, Student Life
Dave Armstrong - Cabinet, VP for IM
Garrett Benisch '14
Lisa Brommer – Staff, Human Resources
Shane Burns – Faculty, Physics
Jermyn Davis – Cabinet, President's Office
Scott Lowenberg – Staff, Athletics
Jane Murphy – Faculty, History
Jenn Sides - Academic Department Coordinators Staff 
Debra Zarecky – Staff, Student Life


Through outreach and evaluation, identify goals and initiatives that will enhance institutional effectiveness and efficiency to better position the college for evolving changes in higher education. 

Community Thought Questions

How can we position ourselves and the College to be able to (make) change easily and be comfortable with the change?

Does the College do something that should be done differently?

Does the College do something that isn’t related directly to the Mission?  Should this be eliminated?

Does the College duplicate efforts?  Duplicate expertise?

Does the College communicate well?

Does the College collaborate well?

Committee Meetings

IEC Meeting--Evaluated 187 proposed Initiatives; Submitted 12 to Steering Committee (3/15/2013)

IEC Meeting--Discuss Initiatives (3/11/2013)

SP Chairs Meeting--Discuss Initiatives (3/5/2013)

IEC Meeting--Discuss Initiatives (3/5/2013)

IEC Meeting--Discuss Initiatives (2/26/2013)

IEC Meeting--Discussion with Susan Frost (2/25/2013)

IEC Meeting--Discussion with Rich Boyer (2/22/2013)

IEC Meeting--Discuss Initiatives (2/15/2013)

SP Chairs Meeting--Discuss Initiatives (2/14/2013)

IEC Meeting--Discuss Initiatives (2/8/2013)

SP Chairs Meeting--Discuss Process/Initiatives (2/1/2013)

IEC Meeting--Winter Conference Preparations (1/16/2013)

IEC Retreat Notes (8/23/2012)

IEC Meeting Notes (9/4/2012)

IEC Meeting Notes (9/12/2012)

IEC Meeting Notes (9/25/2012)

Outreach Meetings

9/6/2012--International Programs Meeting
9/10/2012--Faculty Chairs & Program Heads
9/12/2012--Pizza with the Deans (Mathias)
9/17/2012--Council on Collaboration
9/18/2012--Pizza with the Deans (Old Town)
9/19/2012--Faculty: Social Sciences Division
9/20/2012--Pizza with the Deans (Loomis)
9/20/2012--Faculty: Natural Science Division
9/21/2012--Faculty: Humanities Division
9/21/2012--Board of Trustees
9/24/2012--1st Faculty Meeting
9/24/2012--Interdisciplinary Faculty
9/25/2012--Pizza with the Deans (Slocum)
9/27/2012--All Staff Meeting: In the Loop
9/27/2012--Retired Faculty
10/4/2012--All Staff Meeting

Themes of IEC Community Outreach

Being a Great Place to Work



Working Smarter

Administrative Governance