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College-wide Policies

College wide Policies
There are both federal and local compliance requirements, as well as other instances (particularly in administrative functions) where our mission can be better supported by having consistent college-wide policies located in one place.


  1. At the end of 2011-12 academic year, the president announced the formation of a committee  (Committee on Institutional Policy) representing the various units of the college that would examine what policies the college currently has and what policies would be needed to satisfy various compliance requirements.
  2. It was determined that there must first be a policy on future policy adoption and changes. At the May 2012 Board of Trustees meeting, the Board approved this policy on policy adoption and changes.
  3. In June 2012, the internal auditor made a database that details policies needed for various laws and compliance requirements.
  4. The Committee on Institutional Policy met throughout the summer of 2012 and accomplished two primary goals.

i.      The current policies of Colorado College                                                              
ii.      Where the policies are located.

      5.Currently, the committee is discussing (1) the needed definitions to develop a common          language around policies, and (2) ideas for classifying college wide policies for an online repository.


After a college-wide effort led by the President's Office, Colorado College will launch a new website in the fall of 2013 which will house all of the college policies in order to increase the effectiveness and clarity of CC's policies.