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Career Advancement

Career Advancement


CC should create a structure for our employees which gives them opportunities to advance in their careers without having to become managers. For example, each position at CC could have 3 levels, with specific criteria in the position description for what it takes to move up a level. This would give employees a way to advance within their current job, doing it better and with increased responsibilities (and with matching salary rewards) without having to change positions entirely. This would be a great way for supervisors to encourage advancement, for us to increase retention of our best employees, and to make known that we want people to both stay at CC for the long term and also have an opportunity to advance their careers.


After being sent to the Cabinet for consideration, this suggestion was forwarded to be investigated by the Finance and Administration office. The Finance and Administration office decided that they will not be working on this issue this year since they are implementing a merit-based staff salary system this year.  While it may be possible to implement such a structure for some (but not all) positions at the College, they have not committed to any time-line for implementation.  They will look at this issue again next year and assign it the appropriate priority.