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Campus Calendar

Campus Calendar:

Members of the Colorado College community do not have access to an electronic calendar that shows college events that are not open to the Colorado Springs community well in advance and within a unified calendar.  The “open” Colorado College web pages cannot do this at the moment because they are prepared and formatted for public access.

The online Campus Calendar was filterable to show these events, but the filter was not noticeable or easy to understand, so few visitors used it. To improve ease of use, the communications department has modified the calendar so that it now shows all events – public and not public -- when viewed from on campus. The CC guest wireless network and all off-campus networks will default to display only those events that are open to the public. When college community members view the calendar from off campus, they need to click on the “X” next to the filter showing “public events” to remove that; then they will see all events. Karen To messaged the campus about this on the digest.