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Board of Trustees

Notes—Meeting with Members of the Board of Trustees

21 September 2012

For what should we be known?

  • The Block Plan: However, as far as we know, we at Colorado College have never measured the academic effectiveness of the Block Plan.  It is important, before we try to market the Block Plan, that we figure out how we can measure the utility of the Block Plan.  This measurement should involve student-based outcomes.   Specifically, it might be worthwhile to see information on data retention at CC vs. other, “regular” universities and colleges.  When others talk about the Block Plan, the question that always seems to come up is “why?”  People also tend to ask, “if the Block Plan is so great, then why doesn’t everyone do it?”
  • Since scarcity is such an important aspect of being known, perhaps we should focus on continuing to drive down our admit rate at CC.  This is accomplished by driving up the number of applicants

What new programs might we add and why?

  • Center for Education: We should market the Block Plan as an innovative educational strategy.  Teach it to everyone interested, including people who are not necessarily college-age students or those who fit into the mold of CC culture.  Institutionalize the Block Plan.  Measure, evangelize, and market the Block Plan.  Have the whole school participate in a measurement of the Block Plan’s effectiveness.  Virtual entities could add new money and a new focus to the Block Plan’s program.  Identify a few staff/faculty members who might be available to be extra resources such a center.
  • Center for Research Intensive Learning: CC needs to reach out to the broader Colorado Springs community and extend our national/international reputation.  One way to do so is to establish CC as some sort of “Center for Research Intensive Learning.”  More institutes or forums sponsored by CC might encourage greater community accessibility and interest.
  • What would a new program actually look like?   It is important that we not try to just do one thing with respect to this program.  We need to focus on several areas.   Perhaps some sort of water/environmental study program.  Perhaps re-establish our dance program as a leading national program.

Who do we want to know us?

What has CC spent on marketing in the last few years?  What are we trying to be at CC and who are we trying to reach as our audience” For what could we be known in terms of the US News Ranking audience?