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Block 1 Committee Meeting #2

Notes—Extending Our Reach Committee Meeting (9/20/12)

Attendees: Ivan Gaetz, Mary Frances Kerr, Mark Lee, Kristina Lybecker, Elliot Mamet, Ken Ralph, Carrie Ruiz, Corinne Scheiner (chair), Andrew Streight, and Fred Tinsley

Meetings with Experts/Topic Groups

Review of list of meetings compiled by the committees on engaged teaching and learning and place.  Identification of groups on the list with whom we would also like to meet.  Additional groups with whom we would like to meet:

  • ID Programs.
  • High School Guidance Counselors: Ken Ralph meets with local counselors (from Colorado Springs and the Front Range) as part of his job and can ask them what CC is known for. 
  • Admissions (in particular, Roberto Garcia, the Assistant Directors of Admissions, and others who travel to recruit students): See if they would be willing to ask what CC is known for when meeting with guidance counselors and prospective students and their families and then report back to us.  Focus both on areas where we are not so popular (like Atlanta) as well as places where we are already extremely popular.  Admissions and Communications work together all the time to figure out what we are doing to draw students from these areas.  See if they can provide us with this information.
  • ACM Presidents: See if Jill is willing to ask other presidents what CC is known for and report back to us.

Student Involvement

What are the best ways to reach students?

  • Contact RAs and RLCs: inform about the SP process and have them encourage students (primarily first and second years) to participate.
  • Contact department chairs and program directors: have them encourage students (primarily third and fourth years) to participate.
  • Contact student leaders, specifically heads of clubs: have them encourage students to participate.

Large-scale Email Outreach

The one-on-one and group meetings provide essential information as we work to identify goals for our committee.  However, we want to make sure to reach as many people as possible and, in particular, students.

Proposal: Large-scale email outreach to all constituencies: students, alumni, parents, staff, and faculty.  Ask simple, open-ended questions to which people can easily respond.  Have each committee craft a question.  Our committee’s question: For what, specifically, should CC be known?  Corinne will arrange a meeting with Communications to discuss possible formats and viability of the project.  She will then propose the idea to the other committee chairs and Jill.