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Being a Great Place to Work

Build Trust

- Be Accountable to self and others

- Communicate regularly and directly with one another (up, down, sideways)

Professional Development is encouraged and funded

Compensation Plan is understandable and current

Know our Story and tell it well

                -Everyone able to see their place in the CC Story

Culture and folklore are valued (honor past, be present, dream about future)

Collective CC mindset – student centered

Create a culture of gratitude, recognition, and encouragement

Reduce Gossip

Be constructive with feedback and inputs (continuous improvement)

Work to inspire one another to achieve our best

Job clarity and relationship to the Mission, Values and Strategic Plan

Diversity/Inclusion is second nature

Respectful, honest and safe environment

Work/Life Balance is esteemed

Value all people and positions in our community

Why have long standing employees stayed? (would be interesting)