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Advisors to Off-Campus Programs

6 September 2012

Extending Our Reach Representatives: Carrie Ruiz and Mike Taber

  • Responses to “How can we be better known for what we do?”
    • Area on which to focus: bringing more international students and faculty to campus
      • The college used to more frequently bring a larger number of professors from abroad.
    • Area on which to focus: doing a better job at advertising our summer courses.
      • Need better PR; not enough advertisement.
      • Looking to attract students from other institutions and not just CC students.
    • Immerse others in what we do.
  • Responses to “Should we consider establishing a physical location in another part of the U.S. or the world?
    • Perhaps we want to think about a more flexible model, not necessarily a physical model, a place that interests students and faculty but not a building.
    • Where do students geographically like to go study?
      • Students always seem to want to go places where there are no approved programs.