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Adding "Level of Need" to Banner

Adding “Level of Need” to Banner

Add student “level of need” to the Financial Aid data currently posted in Banner. Justification: Many academic departments oversee scholarship funds that are awarded by the department to students who are on financial aid. The main determinant of the amount of the scholarship is the student’s “level of need,” a number 1 through 5, which can be obtained only from the Financial Aid office. The dollar amount of every scholarship or loan awarded to a student is listed in Banner, but the level of need is not. The Financial Aid office is so busy that it usually takes a week or more to obtain this information. Meanwhile, a student who has requested financial assistance for an extra course fee waits to find out if he or she will receive a scholarship offer. This also leaves the instructor in limbo, keeping a slot open for the student but not knowing if this student will enroll. If the need level number were available in Banner, it would streamline this process greatly, benefitting students and instructors, and lessening demands on the Financial Aid office.


After being sent to the Cabinet for consideration, this suggestion was taken up by Dave Armstrong, Interim VP for Information Management; Jim Swanson, Director of Financial Aid; and Vish Paradkar, Director of Enterprise Information Systems.  Following initial consideration of this idea's feasibility, this group decided that this is likely possible, but will need to be further investigated by Financial Aid and Information Management to ensure that the PFAIDS software and Banner can support this idea.