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Active Initiatives

What is an Active Initiative?

Active initiatives are ideas that surface during the outreach process that are good suggestions to improve the college yet are not "strategic". Those ideas that seem relatively easy to implement and not expensive will be forwarded to the President and Strategic Planning Steering Committee through Andrew Streight for consideration.

What is the process for an idea to become an Active Initiative?

1. After a suggestion is passed to the President, it will be vetted and approved by Steering Committee. The President will then share the idea with the appropriate member of her Cabinet to consider implementation.

2. Ideas submitted as Active Initiatives will be listed on this website’s front page. Updates on progress and resolution will also be posted.

How can I submit an idea for an Active Initiative or offer my input?

In addition to reaching out to the members of the strategic planning committees, ideas can also be submitted through the Strategic Planning webpage. Suggestions received through the website will be collected by Andrew Streight and submitted to the President.

Active Initiatives:

Venture Speaker Fund

Alumni Career Mentorship Program

Additional Housing Space for GREAL

Adding "Level of Need" to Banner

Student Employment Opportunities

Reporting Tool for Campus Budget Managers

Class-size Flexibility

Campus Calendar

Virtual Computer Lab

Yellow Ribbon

Performance/Merit Recognition

College-wide Policies

Improving the Career Center

Venture Grant Collaboration

Team-Teaching Classroom Space

Olin Energy Use

Faculty-Student Collaborative Costs

Campus Landscape

Campus Events: Food Policy

Campus Committees Inventory

Listserv-Digest Effectiveness

Administrative Decisions

Career Advancement

Internal Communications Position

CC Comic Strip

College Directory Changes

Active Initiatives Input