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Strategic Planning - Call for Nominations

May 23, 2012

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for your engagement in the end-of-year and commencement activities over the past week. It was such a pleasure to share this magical time with all of you!

At the last faculty meeting, I shared that my listening document will ask our community to focus our strategic planning on three main areas:

1. Engaged Learning and Teaching. How do we enhance our rich culture of engaged teaching and learning? Meaning, how can we take the strengths of the block plan and the liberal arts, and do more to support our model of engaged learning and thinking. What can we do more of in and out of the classroom to challenge our students, but support them as mentors? How do we best prepare today’s student for a lifetime of learning?

2. A Distinctive Place of Learning. How we can leverage this distinctive place? Place will become more and more important in our digital and flat world. Given that, we are so lucky to have this place of learning and this beautiful location. How do we both enhance this place – our residential college – and also make the most of our location in the Rockies and Colorado Springs.

3. Extending Our Reach. CC does many things remarkably well, but how can we better known for what we are doing. Could new programs also offer new revenue opportunities? Could we leverage our experience with the block plan to engage teachers and scholars from around the country on what we have learned about teaching and learning? Given our location, could and should we offer graduate programs in areas of strength and distinctiveness? Are there ways to engage the sports community or maybe the military community in our mission?

This summer, after the board approves these general ideas and the strategic process, I will be appointing a faculty member to chair each of the three strategic committees. Later this summer, in consultation with the chairs and the FEC Priorities Sub-committee, Staff Council and CCSGA, I will appoint additional faculty as well as staff, students, alumni and community members to the committees. The time commitment will be significant; however, the committees will be staffed by a recent alum in order to minimize the use of faculty time for administrative work. If you are interested in participating on a particular committee, or would like to nominate a colleague, please be in touch with me by June 10, 2012.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you!