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Reconfiguration of Dean's Office

May 14, 2012

Dear Campus Community,

Sandi Wong, the incoming dean of the college/dean of the faculty, has asked me to share the following letter with you. I enthusiastically support this forward-thinking plan that will enable faculty and staff to collaborate and further strengthen the academic program at Colorado College.




It is my great pleasure to announce the members of the faculty who will be joining me in the dean’s office beginning July 2012. From 2012-2014 we are piloting a reconfiguration of the dean’s office, with the support of President Tiefenthaler and the Faculty Executive Committee.

Associate Dean of the Faculty

In 2012-13, Jeff Noblett, professor of geology, will be the associate dean of the faculty. Jeff came to CC in 1980 and has served in this position since 2005. In addition to his contributions to the General Education Oversight Committee, Curriculum Committee and Assessment Committee, Jeff has overseen new faculty mentoring, graduate scholarship/fellowship advisors, the Mediterranean Semester, and the Leadership Seminar. He has served on the International Studies Committee and assisted the FYE Program. He has also served on numerous searches and organized faculty for conferences. Jeff has generously agreed to remain in this position for one more year to facilitate a smooth transition in the dean’s office.

Beginning July 2013, Michael Siddoway, professor of mathematics, will become the new associate dean of the faculty. Mike has been at CC since 1988. He has taught courses across the mathematics curriculum and is an active researcher in algebra and the history of mathematics. Mike has served as chair of the department of mathematics and computer science, as a member of the FEC, and on numerous campus-wide committees and searches. He is a member of the Student Conduct Committee and recently chaired the search for our new library director.

The associate dean of the faculty supports faculty teaching, scholarship, and professional development. He will oversee the curriculum and schedule of courses, the library, faculty research grants, the Crown Faculty Center, and the IDEA space. He will assist departments and programs with assessment and external reviews, with mentoring pre-tenure faculty and supporting faculty members in both tenure and non tenure-track positions. He will oversee the Interdisciplinary Programs, the Riley Scholar Program, lead diversity initiatives and help departments and programs to achieve diversity goals in hiring and the curriculum. He will evaluate departmental requests and support searches for visiting faculty. He will also chair the General Education Oversight Committee, and serve on the Curriculum Committee and the Information and Library Board.

Associate Dean of the College

Beginning July 2012, Regula Meyer Evitt, associate professor of English, will be the new associate dean of the college. Re came to CC in 1999. She teaches courses on medieval literature (including Marie de France, Dante, Chaucer) as well as Shakespeare, poetry, and the history of the English language. She has served on the Dean’s Advisory Committee, Committee on Instruction, the First-Year Experience Committee, and the Mellon Committee. She has also served as the faculty director of the Writing Program, chaired the English department, and is currently a member of the Governance Subcommittee of the Faculty Executive Committee.

The associate dean of the college works with faculty, the registrar’s office and other groups of people who help to facilitate and advance student learning, mentoring, and advising. She will participate in curricular oversight with particular emphasis on student learning, in monitoring students’ academic progress, and helping students identify and access sources of support including opportunities for research, internships, and independent study. The associate dean of the college will work with the honor council. She will oversee the Colket Center, the FYE Student Mentors Program, and the Venture Grants Program, and serve on the FYE Committee and Committee on Instruction. She will also serve on the ACM Minority Concerns Committee, and support the inclusion of transfer, minority, and international students.

Associate Dean of Global, Community, and Summer Programs

Beginning July 2012, Eric Popkin, associate professor of sociology, will be the new associate dean of global, community, and summer programs. Eric has been a member of the CC faculty since 2001 and dean of summer programs since 2008. In the latter position, he has overseen the organization of the summer curriculum including courses abroad. His areas of expertise include global inequality, immigration, and the sociology of developing countries. He has taught courses in Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia, and will co-teach this summer in Cuba. He was the founding director of the Partnership for Civic Engagement and has worked extensively with local immigrant communities. He currently co-chairs the Diversity Task Force and serves on the International Studies Committee and the Learning Commons Advisory Board.

The associate dean of global, community, and summer programs oversees courses and programs that provide educational opportunities beyond campus classrooms and/or outside of the eight-block academic year. He will organize the summer session courses for undergraduates and the Bridge Programs for newly admitted students. He will oversee and coordinate off-campus study programs and International Studies. Beginning July 2013, he will oversee the newly merged Collaborative for Community Engagement. He will work with graduate fellowship faculty advisors and the office of minority and international students, and keep current with trends in experiential, blended, and online learning.

Although there will no longer be a dean of summer programs, all of the programs and events for Summer 2012 will take place as planned. Beginning September 2012, planning for undergraduate summer courses and the Bridge Program will occur in the associate dean’s office. The organization of other summer programs and events will continue with oversight directed to campus offices that complement their purpose and the contributions they make to CC. Likewise, we will continue to benefit from the excellent services of the current staff—Rita Zook, Pamela Leutz, and Karen Ferguson—in the dean’s office, and we will provide additional support as we integrate the new associate dean’s position.

I wish to express my delight and gratitude to all who have agreed to serve with me. Together, they will bring a wide range of talent, experience, thoughtfulness, and vitality to the team. I also appreciate the support of the FEC. We will welcome input from faculty and staff as we pilot this reconfiguration. Finally, I thank Susan Ashley, Victor Nelson-Cisneros and previous deans who have created a strong office. I am not only fortunate to succeed such committed leaders, but also honored and excited to build upon the college’s many achievements.

With warm regards,

Sandi Wong
Associate Professor of Sociology