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Transforming CC with Our Antiracism Implementation Plan

Dear Campus Community,

For nearly two years, we have been examining, thinking, discussing, sharing, and collaborating to understand what would most meaningfully transform Colorado College as we oppose racism and reach for greater diversity, equity, and inclusion. We’ve chosen to hold ourselves accountable, to open our eyes, and to work proactively toward becoming an antiracist institution. 

Today, we launch our Antiracism Implementation Plan, which, over the past several months, was honed by many in our community. It is not set in stone; it is a living document. Our plan will evolve as we do — as we add expertise, welcome new community members, and implement new initiatives.

I am grateful to the many dedicated members of our community who thoughtfully shared their input to make this plan better. They include students, faculty, staff, members of our Board of Trustees, Cabinet, the Faculty Executive Committee, the Diversity and Equity Advisory Board, the Colorado College Student Government Association, and Staff Council. 

Let’s work together, extending forgiveness when missteps are made, and supporting one another as we become a more inclusive place where all members thrive, and our students are prepared to transform the world. 

Please read the Antiracism Implementation Plan and the Antiracism Timeline and Metrics, and let’s get started. 


Jill signature_gold

Jill Tiefenthaler