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Strategic Planning Scrum Team

April 15, 2013

Dear Campus Community, 

During our year of planning process, the Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) heard from many employees, particularly staff members, about the need to encourage more collaboration and communication across units and to clarify how decisions are made across the college. The IEC outlined this need in Goal 13: With the use of a scrum team and outside expertise, identify and adopt communication and administrative structures that will enhance transparency and institutional effectiveness.   

Given the aforementioned goal’s desired outcome, I have appointed a group of CC faculty and staff members to make up the scrum team and charged them to identify guidelines and solutions to include as recommendations in the plan and to use now as we lay the foundation for the implementation phase. The scrum team is comprised of the following members: 

Dave Armstrong, interim VP of information management (representative of the IEC); Lisa Brommer, associate director of human resources (representative of the IEC); Kathy Giuffre, associate professor of sociology; Ryan Hammes; director of outdoor education, Gerri Anne Reed, education/MAT assistant; Brenda Soto, assistant director for operations and conferences; and Jermyn Davis, chief of staff, President's Office. 

This team is currently working with an outside consulting firm, Susan Frost Consulting, to develop this project.  The next step is to host a few conversations with CC staff and faculty members to learn more about solutions some groups and individuals are currently using in the course of their work.  Combined with data the community has already generated, what the team learns in these conversations will contribute to their recommendations, which I hope to have by the end of June 2013. 

You may follow the progress of the scrum team by viewing their notes and materials here. If you have ideas or recommendations, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the scrum team or me.  

With warm regards,