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Emergency Management Plan Update

September 10, 2012

Dear Colorado College Community:

As we learned this past summer in the cases of the Waldo Canyon Fire and Aurora shootings, disaster can strike close to home. While we cannot completely insulate Colorado College from such unexpected events, we can be prepared. Preparedness is a daily activity and a mindset that, when practiced, will help our community respond nimbly when faced with the unexpected. As a result, we have spent significant time over the past months reviewing, updating and building upon our Emergency Management Plan (EMP). Through training our community on the EMP and instilling the value of personal preparedness among our students, faculty, staff and administration, we can mitigate the negative impacts of the unexpected.

While no plan can prevent damage and destruction during an emergency, our EMP incorporates best practices from federal and state agencies and integrates it with the resources, facilities, and personnel of Colorado College to create an effective and efficient organization capable of responding to any emergency. The plan is designed with an all-hazards approach and contains principles and practices that can be assistive in both responding to emergencies and in taking appropriate steps to become as prepared as possible. This is particularly true for public event management at the college, and therefore we will make it common practice to mobilize elements of this plan as part of large events.

You can read the new EMP on the college’s emergency preparedness website at The Emergency Preparedness Guide found on the website provides more direction for specific emergencies that the college may face. All members of the campus community should review and become familiar with this guide. In addition, you will find a new laminated emergency response card in each classroom, office, and student residence. This card outlines the appropriate response for each type of emergency. Please review the card and leave it in a visible and accessible place.

Thank you for your engagement in this important process.

Best regards,


Jill Tiefenthaler