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Climate Survey Update

May 13, 2013

Dear Colleagues, 

As you know, earlier this semester we contracted with ModernThink to conduct the Your Voice, Your CC climate survey. We had great participation, with 64% of faculty and staff responding. This strong response rate means that we can be confident that the results represent overall attitudes at CC. We will share the survey results in various ways over the coming months, starting with a broad overview this week. Please remember that we are in the very early stages of analyzing and understanding the data. Additional analyses and opportunities to share information are planned for the fall. 

In many ways, the survey results were not surprising. Among the positives, I am most excited to see that we share a deep connection to the mission of the college and that we have strong bonds with our students. Additionally, you expressed a sense of pride in working at CC and growing enthusiasm about our current trajectory as an institution. 

The survey also revealed opportunities for improvement. We need to continue efforts to improve communication across the college. This requires a commitment not only among senior leaders, but also within and across divisions and departments. We need to continue working on improving our collective understanding of our compensation program. (If you missed my presentation on our new compensation models, click here for the faculty presentation and here for the staff presentation.) We also need to continue to support and recognize each other’s good work. 

Last week, Rich Boyer from ModernThink shared a high-level version of the survey findings with the President’s Cabinet, FEC, Staff Council, Human Resources, the survey team, and the Scrum Team. On Thursday, Rich will return to share the same presentation with our campus community. Human Resources will provide more details about Thursday’s presentation tomorrow. We will repeat this presentation in the fall for those who can't attend now. This summer, we will begin working with divisional leaders, Human Resources, Staff Council and the FEC to map out a process for sharing more detailed results with individual departments. 

This survey provides an excellent baseline for us and is one of many steps as we strive to become a great place to work. It will support many of our existing ongoing initiatives and will provide guidance as we identify specific actions we can take to better serve our students, our culture, and each other. The Cabinet and I believe this is not only critical work, but also an important communication tool and an ongoing process. With input from the groups and committees who helped us make this first survey so successful, we are committed to administering the survey again in two years. Thank you for your participation and support. 

Best regards,