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The Search Committee

  • President Jill Tiefenthaler

    Jill Tiefenthaler
    Chair, President

  • Meg Anderson

    Megan Anderson
    Assistant Professor of Geology

  • Sal Bizzarro

    Salvatore Bizzarro
    Professor of Romance Languages 

  • Stacy Davidson

    Stacy Davidson
    College Controller and Director of Investments

  • Bob Lee

    Bob Lee
    Professor of Political Science

  • Ken Ralph

    Ken Ralph 
    Director of Athletics

  • Roger Smith

    Roger Smith
    Director of the Office of Minority and International Students

  • John Simons

    John Simons
    Professor of English

  • Adam Press '84

    Adam Press '84

  • Amy Louis '84

    Amy Louis '84 

  • Jermyn Davis

    Jermyn Davis
    Chief of Staff (Staffing Committee)