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Building on the Block: Our Progress

April 1, 2014

Our Progress ✓

Our strategic plan is dynamic and it will evolve as the world, higher education, and CC change. You created this plan, with your ideas, inspiration, and commitment to excellence at CC.

Now, we want you to share in celebrations of success and documented progress. As we advance our strategic plan, you will find progress updates at Building on the Block: Progress. We are now in the implementation phase of our plan, so you’ll see clear indicators of completed projects and detailed action steps.

We are proud to share key updates on four elements of our plan:

The 2014 Dynamic Half Block offered 21 new opportunities. “I thought it was fantastic, and I love that they offered career-oriented classes,” said one participant about the experience.

The Center for Immersive Learning and Engaged Teaching has awarded nine grants totaling $66,000; the grants range from peer tutorial services supporting oral communication; to developing a CC Alumni Climate Change Symposium for Parents Weekend this fall.

New block breaks for alumni and parents offer the opportunity to engage in lifelong learning. Thirty-three participants are traveling to Cuba this March to explore the country’s history, culture, art, language, and cuisine.

Our premier summer learning experience developed three signature programs for Summer 2014: The Colorado Documentary Institute, The Outdoor Leadership Institute, and the Student Journalism Institute.

For a more comprehensive look at our progress and the complete strategic plan, visit The Colorado College Plan: Building on the Block.