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Board of Trustees Update - May 2014

May 5, 2014

Dear Campus Community, 

On Saturday, the Board of Trustees concluded its last meeting of the academic year. During their visit, the trustees approved several items. 

  • The election of new trustees:
    • Student Trustee – Elliot Mamet ’15
    • Young Alumni Trustee – Kalen Acquisto ’13
    • Alumni Trustee – Tony Rosendo ’02
    • Charter Trustee – Marc St John ’80
  • The renewal of current charter trustees:
    • Neal Baer ’78
    • John Chalik ’67
    • Eben Moulton ’68
    • Adam Press ’84
    • Jane Rawlings ’70
    • Bob Selig ’61
    • Mike Slade ’79
  • Emeritus status for six retiring faculty:
    • Walter Hecox, Professor of Environmental Science 
    • Richard Koc, Professor of German 
    • Paul Maruyama, Lecturer in Japanese 
    • Stephen Scott, Professor of Music 
    • David Weddle, Professor of Religion 
    • Armin Wishard, Professor of German
  • The promotion to full professor for three faculty members: 
    • Neena Grover, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry 
    • Sarah Hautzinger, Associate Professor of Anthropology
    • Corinne Scheiner, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature
  • Updates to the Faculty Handbook:
    • Part 4: V. B.10. Committee on Instruction and Part 4: V. B. 19. General Education Oversight Committee. Merging of these two committees into the Committee on Instruction. Approved during the Block 5 faculty meeting. 
    • Part 2: XIII. D. Dismissal and Procedures for Appeal. Approved during the Block 6 faculty meeting.

In addition to the meetings of their standing committees and special project teams, the trustees received an update on pilot projects funded by the Center for Immersive Learning and Engaged Teaching. The trustees also heard a beautiful performance by the Bowed Piano Ensemble. 

The trustees continue to be impressed with our progress and look forward to further engagement with the campus community at their fall meeting.

Warm regards,