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2012-2013 Tuition

March 12, 2012

Dear Students and Parents,

Every year at this time, the Colorado College administration and Board of Trustees engage in a thorough analysis of financial aid, salaries, operating costs, and strategic initiatives to determine CC’s cost of attendance for the next academic year.

For the 2012-13 academic year, our comprehensive fee will increase by 4.37%. This comprises tuition and fees of $41,742 (a 4.5% increase), standard room rate of $5,495 (a 6% increase) and board rates remaining at $4,232. Thus the total comprehensive fee will be $51,469, not including books, supplies, and transportation. (Students who received financial aid last year will be notified about next year’s aid package by June 1.)

The Campus Budget Committee, Board of Trustees, and I believe that this increase will allow us to realize our priorities: strengthening the quality of the educational program, holding the undergraduate enrollment target at 1,975, and ensuring access to a CC education.

I recognize that the 4.37% increase in the comprehensive fee has significant impact on hard-working students and parents. As I mentioned earlier, we remain dedicated to preserving access; therefore, we are maintaining financial aid for all continuing students who qualify, and increasing the aid budget for entering students.

There is continuing and growing evidence that a college education is one of the single most important investments one can make. I know your investment in CC will retain its value and benefit our students throughout their lives.