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Interdisciplinary Arts Adjuncts

Below you will find additional information about three newly created interdisciplinary arts adjuncts designed to further enhance the creative and educational experience of our students as they navigate the liberal arts through distance learning. Created and supported by Colorado College faculty and staff, these courses not only connect our far-flung students, but also invite them to reach beyond and through themselves to explore a variety of narratives during this time. Through the performing, visual, and literary arts, students will create, capture, and process our present moment as it connects to both our past and our future. Although each is quite different, as a group these collaborative projects will document this unique moment in our collective history through the unique lens of Colorado College.

Each of these extended-format, adjunct opportunities will begin in Block 2 and continue through the Fall Semester with incredible opportunities for group and individual mentorship from creative professionals.

  • GS 222: Of A Time: Sharing Stories and Creative Expression during COVID-19

This creative project invites CC students to connect with elders quarantined in our region's care facilities via Zoom. The recorded Zoom meeting(s) become the inspiration for a creative project that can be done remotely in a time when many are experiencing increased isolation or even quarantine. Students will manifest the encounter using an artistic medium such as music, dance, writing, theatre, drawing, sculpture, photography, film or digital media. Using the Smithsonian Oral History Guide as a reference, students will generate interview questions to guide the conversation. Blocks 2-4. .25 units

Students interested in participating should be in touch with Shawn Womack, Professor of Dance, for additional information.

  • AS 210: Drawn Together

How does the simple act of occupying public space and drawing the world around us disrupt, connect, and bear witness to our time? How do we make manifest the new mandates of social distancing while occupying physical space and drawing together? What does it mean to be a draftsperson in a digital age? When does drawing become an act of insurrection? Drawn Together is a collective. We work together in socially distanced groups with remote contributors. We make sketchbooks. We trade them, and while we draw in them individually throughout the year, on May 19th all sketchbooks are returned to campus where they will remain as a collection. One year. One sketchbook. One pencil. One pen. One eraser. Meet weekly. Record your year. Interested in enlisting? Clock starts block two. Contact Prof Leonard for more information

  • GS222: A Tribe Called Tubman: Liberal Arts Digital Production Lab

How do we create theatre that is "pandemic proof"? In this course, students from diverse areas of study will develop a new work for national distribution, which can be adapted across different formats and platforms. We will work in cross-disciplinary collaboration with the Fine Arts Center and alongside a range of creative professionals to create a dynamic, aesthetically powerful and transformative digital production based on the radical life of American revolutionary icon, Harriet Tubman. This endeavor positions students as active creative learning partners in forging new terrain in the areas of scenic, costume, script, lighting, and musical composition. Students will meet with creative team members 1-2 times/week as we collaboratively build the digital environment and related artistic/academic assets for the production. Prerequisites: COI

In partnership with Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College (FAC), New York's TheatreWorks USA, and CC's Office of Performing Arts, this multi-block, online learning experience is a creative and technical exploration in producing a new play for a digital platform.

The duel pandemics of COVID 19 and anti black racism have proliferated into the field of live theatre, inciting urgency and sparking conversations around safer and better practices. We believe it will take a diverse cohort of creative problem solvers to initiate innovative and necessary breakthroughs.

A Tribe Called Tubman, written by Idris Goodwin & Commissioned by TheatreWorks NYC is a new one act play aimed at children and adults. In this 21st century spin on the radical life of an American revolutionary icon, Harriet Tubman prepares an audience for the work ahead. It is the day of her third and final death and she seeks to answer the questions of a modern audience in the midst of change and social upheaval. Drawing from her own storied and extraordinary life, she poetically lays out a map for all of us to truly find freedom.

TheatreWorksUSA, an internationally recognized leader in theatre for young audiences and families, intends to tour a live version once the climate for in person performance has changed. Until then, we'd like to create a digital version of the play that will be released online in March of 2021 and be available to many.

Written to be "pandemic proof" the play invites adaptation across different formats and platforms. As such we seek to engage students of varied departments in an exploration of how to create a dynamic, aesthetically powerful and transformative digital production.

This endeavor positions students as active creative learning partners in helping to forge new terrain. Students will engage with FAC's creative team, a Colorado based Actor and Director, music professor Ryan Banagale, and other professional creators on the development of scenic, costume, script, lighting, and musical composition.

This project is connected to FAC's antiracism through the arts initiative as well as its commitment to access, collaboration and cultural relevance.

Students interested in participating should be in touch with Ryan Banagale, Director of Performing Arts, for additional information.

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