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    Performing Arts at CC

    As Colorado College celebrates its first fifty years on the block plan, we have the opportunity to showcase our ongoing excellence while exploring (and modeling) the dynamic possibilities of collaboration in an academic environment such as ours.

    Also known as Performing Arts at CC, the newly established Office of Performing Arts exists to amplify the performing arts within the academic mission of the college. It encourages a holistic approach to the presentation of artists, critics, and scholars—student, faculty, regional, national, and international—as well as the production of theatre, dance, and other performance mediums at the college and professional level.

    The Office also serves as a centralized point of coordination for performing arts events seeking greater integration into our campus and regional communities, bringing the performing arts to bear in a coordinated and intentional way.



    Events and Productions

    FAC Theatre Company

    Performing Arts Plan of Action

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    Visit Us

    We're located on the first floor of Cornerstone Arts Center in the Box Office. 

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    Instagram: @performingartsatcc

    Facebook: /performingartsatcc