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Assuring the safety of the members of the Colorado College community and our neighbors is of paramount importance. To assist in this effort, we must ensure that traffic circulation (motorized vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians) is accomplished in a careful and efficient manner.

In support of this safety effort the College Traffic Committee, the Department of Student Life, the Department of Facilities Services and Campus Security have worked together to develop parking and traffic regulations.

Your understanding of the parking and traffic issues on campus will be greatly appreciated. The College Traffic Committee and the Parking Manager will welcome your suggestions for improving this program.


Mike Edmonds
Vice-President/Dean of Student Life

Parking and Traffic Regulations

Permits are required to park on Colorado College property 24 hours a day, seven days a week, except in certain lots on campus or when the college is closed. Permit-only lots are designated by signage at the lot entrance specifying the lot number. Please see the map attached to this page for more information.

Permits are required and enforced during block breaks and half-block, as these are still work days for many faculty and staff members.

Though permits may only be required during certain hours, all other regulations (including but not limited to violations of posted fire lanes, handicapped spaces, 15-minute loading zones, designated reserved parking areas, and no-parking areas) are enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Parking permits are the property of Colorado College and are only legally issued or altered by the Campus Safety Parking Office. The unauthorized acquisition, alteration, transfer, or creation of parking permits can and will be punishable under the Student Code of Conduct (for students) and the Colorado College Policies and Procedures document (for employees).

Loading and unloading is legal only in designated 15-minute or 30-minute loading areas unless otherwise directed by Campus Safety Personnel at that time.

Valid handicapped license plates or placards must be displayed when a vehicle is parked in a handicapped space.

The striped area directly adjacent to handicapped parking spaces is part of the handicapped space. Parking in these areas is the same as parking in a handicapped space and will be enforced as such.

Vehicles with valid handicapped license plates or placards are still required to purchase a parking permit for campus. However, they will be allowed to park in any available handicapped parking space on campus.

Campus Safety is authorized to immobilize, impound, or relocate any vehicle that is improperly or illegally parked on Colorado College property.

Lack of parking space is not a valid or justifiable excuse for violation of any parking regulation and will not be considered as a valid basis for appeal.

For the purposes of these regulations, a single parking space is defined by lines on opposing sides of the vehicle; either in front and back, or on the left and right. In some instances, a curb may designate one of these lines. When parked, the motor vehicle must be within the boundaries of the single parking space used. The fact that other motor vehicles may have parked improperly does not constitute an excuse for parking any part of the motor vehicle outside the space boundaries.

Vehicles may not be double-parked or parked in any position, which prevents adjacent vehicles from exiting their legal parking space.

Motorcycles and scooters (large enough to require a license plate) must park in normal parking spaces or in designated motorcycle parking areas. Motorcycles and scooters may not park on sidewalks or at bicycle parking racks.

Motor vehicle fines, property damage, and loss on Colorado College campus are the registered owner’s responsibility, regardless of who was driving.

The campus speed limit is 15 miles per hour.

Observe and obey all campus traffic signs.

All motorized vehicles are prohibited on walk and grass areas; this includes the entire campus quadrangle.

With the issuance of parking permits by parking lot, parking will be strictly enforced in campus lots during enforcement hours.

Parking is restricted to assigned areas unless posted otherwise.

Except for College vehicles, motor vehicles may be driven only on roadways, and must observe all applicable statutes and ordinances and the rules and regulations described in this manual. Emergency vehicles may operate on any surface as required when making an emergency response.

Pedestrians will be given the right-of-way at all times except where traffic control lights with pedestrian indicators are provided (such as a crossing light at a traffic signal).

Moving or driving around parking/traffic control devices is strictly prohibited and may constitute a violation of City Ordinances as well as these regulations.

Neighborhood Parking

Colorado College is dedicated to maintaining a good relationship with our surrounding neighbors by fostering civil and polite interaction. One point of contention in this relationship has been college community members parking their vehicles in the surrounding neighborhoods. To this effect, Colorado College students, faculty and staff are discouraged from parking their vehicles in the neighborhoods surrounding campus while on college business. Colorado College defines the surrounding neighborhood as including the following areas:

  • The 1200N block of Wood Avenue.
  • The 1200N block of Cascade Avenue.
  • The 1200N block of Tejon Street.
  • The 00W block of San Miguel Street.
  • The 00E block of San Miguel Street.
  • The 300E block of San Rafael Street.
  • The 300E block of Yampa St.

The Colorado Springs Municipal Code Regulation concerning parking indicates that any car parked on a city street must move every 72 hours or it may be considered as abandoned and impounded by the city. To prevent this from happening, Campus Safety personnel routinely check the streets listed above and take note of non-neighbor vehicles. If you choose to park in the areas indicated above, the following will occur:

If your vehicle is reported parked off-campus in the surrounding neighborhood, a warning flyer will be placed on the vehicle, the vehicle information will be recorded, and an e-mail will be sent to the registered owner.

Students, faculty and staff living in the surrounding neighborhoods will be exempt from this regulation if their vehicles are parked in front of their residence. This does not include students, faculty and staff living in college owned properties. These individuals are still considered to be living “on-campus”, and are subject to all regulations governing on-campus residences, including the parking regulations.

Registration and Permit Information

General Information

All faculty, staff and students wishing to park a motorized vehicle on college property are required to register that vehicle with the Campus Safety Parking office and obtain a parking permit.

Permits will be lot-specific and issued on a first come, first served basis.

If a parking space is not available in your assigned lot, you are directed to park your vehicle in any available "Paid Visitor Parking" space and to call the Parking Office at x6888 stating that your assigned lot is full. The Parking Office will dispatch an officer for enforcement in your assigned lot. In the event that all "Paid Visitor Parking" spaces are occupied, you may park your vehicle in the S4 Unitarian Church parking lot (see the map on the Parking home page for directions). Please do not park your vehicle in any other location besides those listed above if your assigned lot is full. Doing so displaces another paying customer or neighbor, and citations issued for such will not be valid for appeal. Parking is limited, and will not be over-sold.

Permits are issued to the individual rather than the vehicle, and are limited to one permit per person. Employees living on campus that have two vehicles must obtain a permit for both vehicles. The second permit will be issued at half the cost of the first permit.

Permits can only be exchanged between owners with the permission of the Parking Office.

Permits will be issued in the form of hang tags, which can be switched between vehicles registered to the same owner, or set of owners in the case of a car pool, for the convenience of our community members.

Hang tags must be displayed on the rear view mirror or in a visible location on the dashboard, ensuring the wording on the permit is visible from outside the vehicle.

Motorcycles will be issued a sticker instead of a hangtag, and the sticker must be displayed on the rear fender or the front shock.

Pro-rated refunds will be issued to those that purchase permits upon request.

Information on Pricing for Staff, Students, and Visitors

Tier 1 – Employees making less than $27,000 a year: $100 ($50 for one semester only)

Tier 2 – Employees making between $27,000 and $50,000 a year: $200 ($100 for one semester only)

Tier 3 – Employees making more than $50,000 a year: $300 ($150 for one semester only)

Student permits will be $200 ($100 for one semester only)

FAC Employees – You will follow the three-tiered employee pricing model based on salary described above, but will be billed the semester rate for an annual permit, or half the semester rate for a semester permit.

A three-tiered incentivized price will be available to employees and students who apply for permits in the E2 (Sorority), E3 (Lennox/ORC), E4 (Old Yampa Street), S1 (Wooglins/Central Services) and S5 (Former Conoco) lots.

Tier 1 – Employees making less than $27,000 a year: $50 ($25 for one semester only)

Tier 2 – Employees making between $27,000 and $50,000 a year and all students: $100 ($50 for one semester only)

Tier 3 – Employees making more than $50,000 a year: $200 ($100 for one semester only)

The S4 (Unitarian Church) lot will be reserved for employees, including vendors and contractors making less than $27,000 a year, and free permits will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.


  • Absence of Current Permit - $40
  • Unauthorized use of Handicapped Parking - $100
  • Parking in a Tow-Away zone, Loading zone, Fire Lane, or Reserved Parking space (including parking in areas not designated by lines not otherwise covered by another violation) - $75
  • Parking in a Service Vehicle area - $35
  • Wrong Permit for Lot - $10
  • Overtime Parking - $10
  • Parking or driving a motor vehicle on lawn or walk surfaces - $75 plus remuneration for damages (if applicable)
  • Careless driving on campus - $50
  • Speeding on Campus - $30
  • Driving the wrong way on a one-way street - $30
  • Boot fee - $50
  • Tracing fee - $30

Escalating Fines

  • The second offense for a $10 fine will result in a $25 fine
  • The third, fourth, etc offenses will be a $40 fine.
  • For a fifth offense in a single block period, a disciplinary sanction for students or revocation of parking privileges for faculty or staff could occur.


  • The first violation for Absence of Current Permit, if appealed within the provided time frame, may be dismissed as a warning if measures are taken to obtain a legal permit or remove the vehicle from campus.
  • The second offense for Absence of Current Permit will not be eligible to be voided.
  • A third consecutive violation for Absence of Current Permit will result in immobilization and tracing charges.

If you find yourself unable to relocate a vehicle, you must contact the Parking Office promptly to avoid being ticketed. If you do not do this, any citations received will not be eligible for appeal.

Colorado College reserves the right to immobilize or impound any vehicle found in violation of parking regulations should the nature of the violation warrant immediate action.

Arrangements must be made for the release of immobilized vehicles within 72 hours of immobilization, or the vehicle is subject to impoundment, and the cost of impounding billed to the registered owner.

Any vehicle determined to be a hazard or obstructing traffic will be impounded without warning, and the cost of impounding charged to the registered owner.

Continued violations will be investigated and appropriate action taken.

The college will dispose of vehicles abandoned on college property for a period of two weeks. The cost of disposal will be charged to the registered owner.


If a ticket is received under extenuating circumstances, it may be appealed online by filling out the provided online appeals form, or by sending an email to Please include your name, CCID number (if applicable), and ticket number in any appeals to insure that the appeal is properly processed. Incomplete appeals will be disregarded. An unbiased third party will review appeals, and responses mailed or e-mailed to the address provided. Appeals must be made within two (2) business days after the date of issuance, or the right to appeal is forfeit.

Payment of Fines

Fines may be paid using cash or by being charged to the student account (for students).
All fines are to be paid or appealed within a period of two (2) business days from the date of issuance.
Fines not paid or appealed will be placed automatically on a student’s account.
Parking Availability

City Street Parking: Unrestricted within campus perimeters.

Visitor Parking: Visitors to Colorado College are requested to park in designated “Paid Visitor Parking” spaces located at the following locations:

  • Lot C-1 (north side)

ADA Parking: Accessible parking is available on campus, but is still subject to the College's permit regulations. Individuals wishing to utilize our ADA spaces must first obtain a valid CC parking permit and display such along with their ADA placard or ADA authorized plates. ADA spaces are available at the following locations:

  • Lot E-1 (south side)
  • Lot E-2 (east and west side)
  • Lot E-5 (south side)
  • Lot C-1 (south side adjacent to Tutt Library, east and west sides, north side adjacent to Mierow House and north side adjacent to ID House.)
  • Lot C-2 (west side)
  • Lot S-1 (south side)
  • Lot S-2 (north and south sides)
  • Lot W-2 (northeast corner)
  • Lot W-3 (south side adjacent to Morreale Carriage House, north and south sides adjacent to Boettcher, east side adjacent to Montgomery)
  • Bemis Circle (west side)
  • Worner Center (east side)
  • Lot W-5 (west side)
  • Lot F-1 (south side)

Parking Safety

Keep your vehicle in good mechanical condition to avoid breakdowns.

The maintenance of lighting on campus is a priority to the College; report malfunctioning lights and always park in well-lit areas.

Use common sense; lock your doors and roll windows up when parked.

Keep valuable items locked in your trunk and out of sight while parked.

If you have opted not to purchase a permit, please be respectful of your fellow CC community members that have and do not park your vehicle on campus at any time.