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Assuring the safety of the members of the Colorado College community and our neighbors is of paramount importance. To assist in this effort, we must ensure that traffic circulation (motorized vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians) is accomplished in a careful and efficient manner.

In support of this safety effort the College Traffic Committee, the Department of Student Life, the Department of Facilities Services and Campus Security have worked together to develop parking and traffic regulations.

Your understanding of the parking and traffic issues on campus will be greatly appreciated. The College Traffic Committee and the Parking Manager will welcome your suggestions for improving this program.


Mike Edmonds
Vice-President/Dean of Student Life

Parking Safety

Keep your vehicle in good mechanical condition to avoid breakdowns.

The maintenance of lighting on campus is a priority to the College; report malfunctioning lights and always park in well-lit areas.

Use common sense; lock your doors and roll windows up when parked.

Keep valuable items locked in your trunk and out of sight while parked.

If you have opted not to purchase a permit, please be respectful of your fellow CC community members that have and do not park your vehicle on campus at any time.