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Equipment Rental

Rental Process:

  • To rent river equipment, stop by the Ahlberg Gear House during regular hours. Availability is not guaranteed. We do not rent any raft or rescue gear. See the list of available items below.
  • Renters of river equipment are expected to be experienced in whitewater kayaking, understand the care and use of equipment, understand the risks involved with river travel and use of the gear, and the importance of boating with others. Please take the time to read the rental agreement and waiver form you will be asked to sign, outlining that CC is not responsible for any issues involving our equipment. 
  • When renting the equipment, rental employees will go over each piece of gear with you and mark down any wear/damages. A similar process will happen upon return of the gear to check for any significant additional damage. Any obvious misuse/abuse of the equipment will be charged for damages. The damage will be marked by a rental employee and forwarded to the whitewater coordinator for assessment of charges. You will receive an emailed notice of your charges.
  • If you have any questions regarding the river equipment rental process, please feel free to call the office at (719) 389-6803 or email

Rentals and Costs

Damage costs are variable depending on the severity of damage. Damages include any outstanding change to the item besides regular wear. Wear and tear/damages will be tracked by rental employees and marked before and after each rental. Renters will only be charged for the damages they incur. Assessment of damage and costs are subjective based on the rental employee’s discretion.