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Who are the trip leaders?

Priddy Experience Trips spend their time in small groups of 8-12 incoming students. Each group is led by 2-3 upperclassman leaders who are passionate about helping introduce new students to CC. The leader selection process is very competitive and leaders receive over 100 hours of training for these trips! All participating students and leaders work as a team, and students are expected to share in the responsibility for their own well-being and the well-being of the group.

Trip Leaders

Emily Abbott

Andrew Allison-Godfrey

Andrew is a rising Junior History-Political Science Major leading NSO for the second time. In his free time Andrew leads trips for the ORC, bikes and skis. He has backpacked around the US and in India. What Andrew is most excited for about NSO is getting to meet awesome new people and introducing them to the natural beauty of the American Southwest.

Amelia Atencio

Amelia Atencio is a rising sophomore and spiritual fellow at Colorado College. Her passions include hiking, working with children, meditation, art + design, and learning! Amelia is an Education Major, Environmental Science and Studio Arts Minor preparing to become and environmental educator. Her stoke level is at a record high for your NSO experience!

Will Baird

This is Will's first time leading NSO. He is majoring in Sociology and is a member of the men's lacrosse team. He also enjoys skiing, climbing mountains and a sturdy pair of boots. Advice to freshman: Try and get out of your comfort zone! Good things happen when everyone is just being goofy around each other. 

Jeremy Becker

Peter Berzins

Peter is a rising sophomore majoring in English. The only thing he loves more than skiing is telling people about how much he loves skiing – and wearing cool skiing clothing! I can’t wait to lead NSO and meet the new freshman class!

Emily Bibben

Emily is a senior from Claremont, California and is super excited to be leading NSO for the first time!!! She’s a biology major, a member of Delta Gamma, and works with the CC Sports Medicine department during the year. Emily loves to play outdoors, cook, swim, knit, and eat s’mores. Emily studied abroad in Denmark last fall, so she can’t wait to be on campus for this NSO to welcome the class of 2019 during her favorite time of the year!

Lily Biggar

Lily is a rising senior from Washington, DC.   She is an Environmental Policy major and works as an Intern for the Office of Sustainability.  Lily enjoys yoga, the outdoors, and Hugh Grant rom coms.  She is frequently the last person to leave the library and is always the last one on the dance floor.  She can often be found bragging about her study abroad experience and pretending to know how to cook.  Lily is excited to lead NSO and can't wait to meet her trippees!

Sammy Blair

Samantha Blair (Sammy/Sam) is from East Greenwich, RI. Sammy is an English Literature major, Spanish minor, dishes out a heavy dose of sarcastic humor, and has a passion for snow and travel. She enjoys letter writing and music, and she plays for the women's lacrosse team at CC. Sammy skies and hikes on most weekends out of season, but likes to try new things, too!

Lykke Bonde

This Danish Viking is born and raised in the Kingdom of Denmark. She did escape however in an age of 17 to another kingdom, the Kingdom of Swaziland in Southern Africa. Here Lykke learned English, climbing and international living, which was what lead her to CC. At CC, Lykke studies philosophy, explores the outdoors, and enjoys the quiet of Shove Chapel.

Emma Brachtenbach

TJ Brannen

Cat Braza

Cat Braza is a sophomore environmental science major and music minor at Colorado College (if she can squish in a studio art minor as well, then she's totally gonna do it).  She actually lives 20 minutes away from CC and worked as a kids' camp counselor next to Rocky Mountain National Park this past summer.  She is a big fan of environmentalism, social equality, Junior Mints, learning languages, and live bluegrass.  Cat absolutely can't wait to show her trippees around the beautiful American Southwest and introduce them to the irreplaceably wonderful community that is CC.

Jack Buettner

After migrating from the great land of Wisconsin, Jack is thrilled to now call the mountains home.  He will be a sophomore this school year, frantically trying to decide what he will be majoring in (current ideas are Film & Media, Sociology, and International Political Economy).  Jack spent the first half of his freshman year on CC’s inaugural Fall Semester Away program in Salamanca, Spain and had an amazing time.  After that, he has loved his time at CC from the Block Plan to participating in the spring musical and Outdoor Program to the Preserve’s grilled cheese and tomato soup Fridays.  He wants you to enjoy the rest of the summer and he can’t wait to meet you guys!

Gen Buzan

Emily Cain

Ellie Campbell

Ellie Campbell is from Fort Collins, Colorado. She is a senior math major, and this will be her second time leading NSO. She is psyched to be an NSO leader because NSO is such an exciting time; She can’t wait to meet and welcome the new members of our community! In her free time, Ellie enjoys hiking, skiing, paddle boarding, and cooking.

Ian Carey

Ian is a rising sophomore at CC. From the moment he stepped on campus as a visiting high school student, Ian felt like he was welcome among the awesome people there. A big part of making him feel like CC was home was his awesome NSO trip and leaders. In his spare time you will find Ian running, swimming, snowboarding, or hiking. While he is relatively new to the Colorado slopes, he has lead backpacking trips in New Mexico, the Grand Canyon, New Hampshire, and at home in Pennsylvania. He can't wait to show the Class of 2019 what CC is all about!

Caleigh Cassidy

Caleigh is a rising sophomore from New Jersey. She is hoping to major in psychology and minor in education. In her free time Caleigh likes to run, hike, play piano, and hang out with animals. She can’t wait to meet you all!

Jane Cavagnero

Jane is a Senior International Political Economy major here at CC. She is the Co-President of the Colorado College Photography Club, she loves making jewelry in the studio on campus, and she is working for the Political Science department this year. Last but certainly not least Jane is an avid intramural sports player! She loves getting outdoors and hails from the great state of California. She am beyond excited to be leading NSO for my third year. Get ready Jane rocks.

Francesca Cendali

Francesca is a rising sophomore majoring in Molecular and Cellular biology and minoring in Anthropology. Francesca hopes to some day become an Orthopedic Surgeon. She is a member of the Women's Basketball team and the Health Professions Club. When she is not in the gym you can find her spending time with her family, snorkeling, and attending country concerts. This is her first time leading NSO and she is so excited for all the adventures to come! NSO is one of her favorite experiences so far as a CC student and she hopes that passes on to her tripees and the class of 2019!

Colin Chupik

Colin Chupik is a rising senior studying geology who loves to be in the outdoors. In his free time Colin loves to go rock climbing, hiking or backpacking. This past summer Colin was a leader for Overland Summers leading the Colorado Leadership trips.

Gavin Cobb

Lana Cohen

Lana is a rising junior from Brooklyn, New York majoring in Environmental Science.  Lana enjoys working with children, writing, and outdoor activities including skiing, hiking and boating.  Lana also enjoys listening to music, her favorite artists are the Decemberists, Modest Mouse and San Fermin.  Over the summer, Lana guided a 35 day canoe trip to James Bay in Northern Ontario.  This is her first year leading NSO and she is stoked to meet the class of 2019!

Will Cohn

Not only is Will a rising senior and an undeclared Neuroscience major, his spirit animal is also an Emperor Tamarin. An avid outdoorsman, Will believes, "the outdoors should be about bringing people together by eliminating everyday distractions." As a member of Hillel, Will is happy to answer any questions about Jewish life on campus. He also runs a volunteer group called Tesla Mentors through the Collaborative for Community Engagement. His advice to incoming freshman is not to get caught up in FOMO, or Fear Of Missing Out, and get out to try new things!

Elizabeth Colby

Elizabeth is a senior (ah!) at CC. This is her third year leading NSO, and she am absolutely thrilled to help welcome a great new class to CC and make some new friends! SHe is a pre-med history major, and in her free time, she enjoys figure skating, participating in Volunteer Action club, skiing, crocheting (more than happy to teach you how if you're interested!), reading, spending time with friends, walking downtown, and basking in the gorgeous CO sunshine!

Jay Combs

Max Conlon

A senior majoring in Religion, Max was raised in Portland, OR where he was able to hone his cycling and skiing skills, plus spend some time on the coast chillin with a skimboard. He runs the Colorado College Bike Cooperative on campus and is hoping to spend more time in the back-country this year hitting the sick lines and avoiding the bad lines at the ski resort (the people kind). This is the first time Max is leading NSO, and he's stoked for what’s sure to be an awesome trip!   

Michelle Cordell

Michelle is a senior economics major and an intern at The Butler Center (the hub of diversity, inclusion, intercultural exchange, equity, and empowerment at CC). She spent the Spring of 2015 studying abroad in Thailand and is so excited to get back and introduce CC to new students. Her perfect day would include skiing, sewing, sea kayaking, and baking delicious desserts.

Teddy Corwin

Theodore James Friedrich Corwin III, known by the common student as “Ted,” runs a fish repair shop out of his garage. Teddy deals with mostly Atlantic whitefish, but you can bring in anything and he will do his best to get you taken care of.    

Aidan Dempsey

Andrew DesLauriers

Jessica DiFoggio

Liz Doernhoefer

Liz Doernhoefer is a senior Economics major from Gambier, OH. She plays on the Women’s Club Rugby team and works with campus activities as part of the senior class committee, as well as a tour guide. This is her 3rd and final year leading NSO and she am super excited to play hot seat and have an excuse to not shower for 5 days!

Mary Rose Donahue

Jack Douglas

Alina Drufovka

As a rising junior, Alina is looking forward to being an NSO leader for her second time. Alina is excited to help incoming students acclimate and transition to Colorado College, give advice about the social and academic life, and play in the outdoors! Her advice to the class of 2019? "While I believe it is important to immerse oneself in the community and get to know as many people as possible, I think it is also important to delegate time for oneself and not worry about walking someplace or going to a new activity alone." 

Cody Duckworth

Cody is more than excited to lead NSO! He hails from the small town of Black Mountain, NC and loves doing anything outside, predominantly hiking, backpacking, snowboarding and rock climbing. Cody is a geology major, a member of the CC rugby team and a tutor for the Quantitative Reasoning Center on campus. Participating in and leading NSO were both some of Cody’s favorite CC experiences (not that it's downhill from there) and he cannot wait to show y’all the same great experiences he had!

Lauren Eckhardt

Sam Ellner

A rising senior, Sam is working towards a degree in Psychology. Sam is excited to assist the class of 2018 on their transition to CC. Sam thoroughly enjoyed her NSO trip and hopes to give a similar experience to her trippees! "I want to be an NSO leader because I want to give the amazing experience I had to another freshman. Everyone deserves the friendships that were given to me because of my loving NSO leaders." 

Erica Evans

Erica Evans is a rising senior, avid adventurer, geology major and amateur bookmaker. She hails from the great state of Utah. When not geologizing, Erica can be found doing trail work, organizing her rock collection, skiing, and eating ice cream.

Aaron Farquhar

Aaron Farquhar loves to backpack, breakdance, tap dance, solve Rubik’s cubes and complicated math problems. He wants to spend his life mitigating and solving global climate change problems through design and engineering. Aaron also enjoys meditation and deep contemplative practice.

Kenyon Fatt

Goober, photographer, musician, and hip-hop dancer are just a few of the many wonderful qualities of Kenyon Fatt. With an impressive collection of colorful bandanas, Kenyon can be spotted on campus coasting on his longboard decked out in flair and his signature black glasses. Kenyon loved his NSO trip and hopes to impart the same experience to incoming students and share his enthusiasm for CC. His advice to the class of 2018? "Cherish every moment here at CC." 

Gabe Fine

Gabe grew up in Denver, Colorado, where he fostered an early love for the outdoors through hiking, skiing, and backpacking. Gabe attended a summer camp in Colorado for eight years, before working there as a counselor. He is going to be a sophomore at CC in the fall, and is thinking about majoring in English while fulfilling the pre-med requirements. He am also a sprinter on CC's Varsity Track and Field Team.

Caroline Foley

Richard Forbes

Kayla Fratt

Kayla is a rising senior who loves rock/tree climbing, kayaking, and obnoxious spandex. She is an Organismal Biology major with a focus in animal behavior. One of the most pressing questions in her life is, “Does Polly really want a cracker?" She is the captain of the cross-country ski team and loves getting people out to play in the snow! A Wisconsin native, she is a major cheese enthusiast with a soft spot in her heart for the Packers. She’s psyched to lead NSO for her second time, and loves helping students find their way around CC and the greater Colorado area! 

Lydia Garthwait

Ellie Gilbertson

Ellen is going to be a junior, and because she is not ninety yet, she likes to go by Ellie. She grew up on a farm and has lots of weird animals, and will get super excited if you ask her about them. Likes: RUNNING, skiing, climbing, speaking different languages, bouncing, nerding out about hearts, laughing, worshipping mountains, frolicking in snow, being in trees, adventuring with her awesome sisters. Dislikes: small children, cats, cloudy days, songs that are not up-tempo, moving slowly, talking quietly. Things she is working on: liking small children, not killing plants, writing outside of class, being patient. She is genuinely honestly really truly utterly 10000% in love with this school and is SO EXCITED TO MAKE YOU FEEL THE SAME WAY

Megan Gillespie

We're excited to have Megan join the NSO leader team! Megan is a rising senior intending to major in Biology. Megan loved her Priddy experience when she was a freshman and hopes to provide the same experience, if not better, to the incoming class of 2019. Her advice to new students? Don't compare yourself with other students, be yourself! 

Eva Goldfinger

Abby Gore

Brad Green

Michael Greenberger

Michael, known by the common student as “Michael,” is back on campus after a lengthy recovery from a drop-bear attack back in ‘74. In spite of what the doctor ordered, Michael still helps run a radio show out of 227 Mathias, and is part of the student group “Tigers Against the Use of Even Sized Fonts (T.A.U.E.S.F.).” Michael loves to cook, travel, and spend time outdoors with good pals. Who knows, they might even have hot dogs.

Anika Grevstad

Anika is a sophomore at CC who loves to draw, journal, dance, and sleep in tents in cool places. Although her major is still undecided, she is interested in Asian studies and environmental education. She is excited to meet all new students.

Lara Grevstad

Lara is a senior biology major from Seattle, Washington who has just returned from wandering around the fields of Costa Rica. You can often find her playing soccer, re-watching Harry Potter, or hiking. Other hobbies include photography, reading, and anything active.

Grace Guryan

Grace is a geology major from Boise, ID. She is in her junior year at CC and in her free time I enjoy practicing yoga, hiking, and rafting. So stoked to meet you all.

Will Harlow

Claudia Harrison

Jay Hartman

Returning NSO leader, Jay, is majoring in molecular biology and minoring in education. He loves to ski, backpack, and scuba. He has lead trips for breakout, the service organization, and is also involved with queer and spiritual life on campus. He's stoked to introduce first years to CC and all the fun times that will follow!

Freda Hawver-Pachter

Freda is a loud and proud San Francisco native. After flirting with an English Literature major, she settled for a minor and decided Political Science is more her type. An endless fan of study abroad, Freda has had the pleasure of studying Islam in Turkey, political oppression in Central Europe, and is coming back from a semester abroad in Thailand studying sustainable community development and environmental science. In the locations she studied, Freda, who is an amateur weaver, bought excessive amounts of hand woven fabric to take back to the US and uses them to decorate every available surface. In her free time, Freda enjoys reading and rereading Joyce Carol Oates and Dorothy Allison novels, pretending to be athletic, and being silly with friends.

Fischer Hazen

Fischer is a rising senior from Telluride, Colorado who is majoring in geology and minoring in Spanish. He loves spending time in the outdoors climbing, skiing, biking, hiking and adventuring. This summer he will be in the Yukon leading backpacking and canoeing trips for Overland Summers. He is stoked to lead NSO this year as he loves meeting the new students and NSO is a great way to start the year in an energized manner.

Naya Herman

Kaitlyn Hickmann

Kaitlyn is (probably) a Film and Media major from Oregon. Loves hugging' trees and hangin' with adventurous, intellectual, inclusive people (everyone at CC). Can't wait to meet the beautiful class of 2019! Stoke is stratospheric!

Erin Holmes

Erin is from St. Paul, Minnesota and is pursuing a degree in mathematics with a minor in French! Despite those academic interests, she would someday like to go into a medical field. Erin is on the swim team at CC and she loves to craft and cook delicious food!

Nora Holmes

Nora, from Farmington, CT, is a sophomore this year. She grew up horseback riding, playing soccer, running, and rolling around in the mud like the dirty hippie she is proud to be. She is (probably) an Organismal Biology and Ecology major with a Feminist and Gender Studies minor, and she loves to climb and ski out in Colorado. Nora plays on the women's rugby team, is a sprinter in the CC track and field team, and is a brunch at Rastall dining hall enthusiast. She loves laughing, reading, making new friends, and exploring the West on block breaks. 

Becky Hunter

Becky is a senior Biology major at CC. This is her second year leading NSO and she is stoked as ever to meet her tripees! Some of her interests include: lobster, sunrises, alpine singing, Rastall brunch, fiercely competitive games of banana grams, and spontaneous yoga.

Kat Jacaruso

Kathryn, known by the common student as “Kat,” has not been swayed by the recent Nessy revelations. In fact, her belief in the existence of the Loch Ness Monster has never been stronger. Mischievous beasts aside, Kat enjoys even sized fonts (8,12,16,etc.) as well as eating breakfast outside and studying marsupials.

Jacob Jones

Jacob, originally from Atlanta, GA. is a rising Junior studying Psychology as well as Feminist and Gender studies. He plans to go to graduate school for clinical psychology after CC. Jacob is a big fan of the Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh, emotions, running, and he loves to cook and bake. Last year he was the Co-Chair of QCC (the queer community coalition) and he worked for Accessibility Resources as well as the metal work studio on campus. This summer Jacob is working in the psychology department doing research on dyslexia’s effects on cognition as well as emotion, traveling to Alaska, and taking lots of dance and yoga classes. He can’t wait to meet all of you!!

Molly Kadota

Molly is a rising senior majoring in Biology. In her natural habitat she can be found playing hockey with the women's club team, skiing, falling while hiking, or bird watching. It is her second year leading NSO and she is ready to teach the class of 2019  "How to CC".

Michael Kauzmann

Michael is not a rising student at all, but rather has fallen into his place perfectly here at Colorado College. He is in his last year as a computer science major and enjoys spending his time climbing, dancing, and rocking people's socks off while playing guitar. But above all, bringing on the stoke has to be Michael's favorite past time. 

Kiersten Kelly

Kiersten is a rising senior Neuroscience major from Lake Tahoe, California. She spent her first two years playing volleyball for CC and studied abroad in Spain during her junior year. This is her first opportunity to lead NSO, and she is stoked to get to meet the new class and give back to CC!

Katherine Kerr

Katherine Kerr is a sophomore this year. She is from Indiana, but spent about four years living in Germany and all her summers in Colorado. Katherine loves the outdoors and is always looking for a new adventure, but most of all, she is always up for a good dance party!  This coming year she will be living in Synergy (the sustainability house), an intern for the Outdoor Education office, and most likely declaring a major in Environmental Policy. ​

Nelson Kies

Nelson and is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He will be a Sophomore at Colorado College this upcoming fall. Nelson studied in Chile for blocks 7 and 8 last year then worked as a camp counselor leading canoeing trips in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. He is am excited to continue exploring the Rockies during NSO

Ben Kimura

Andrew Kirvin-Quamme

Andrew, known by the common student as “Andy,” spent his summer immersed in the culture of a far-away land. Andrew is an explorer of the unanswerable questions, a voyager on the great sea of academic advancement, and a rider on the vast plains of understanding and passion. Andrew runs a radio show out of 227 Mathias and can be found hiding in various trees around campus in his free time. There is no one more well versed in the drop-bear than Andrew.


Helen Kissel

Helen is a senior Mathematical Economics major with a minor in Arabic and Islamic Studies. Some of the clubs she is involved with on campus include Arabian Knights, Class Committee, and Volunteer Action.  Helen loves running, skiing, hiking, camping, and her cat Gizmo.

Stephanie Klockenbrink

Stephanie is from Princeton NJ and is a rising senior studying Biological Anthropology.  This summer she interned with the Alliance to Save Energy working on Grant Development and she hopes to go work abroad when she graduates.

Peter Koe

Peter is a Sophomore at Colorado College. He was Born in Vancouver, Canada and grew up in Portland, Oregon. Peter is currently planning on majoring in Art History although that may change. He likes rock climbing, hiking and eating food.  He likes dogs not cats , but kittens are okay. Peter is currently working at an outdoor gear store in Portland and spends his weekends climbing, cliff-jumping and chillin’ with his friends.

Emily Kohut

Emily is a Classics and English double major, so basically she spends my time reading books and translating dead languages. She is an FYE mentor, a tour guide, and she does research in the music department. Emily also works for the Leviathan (our art, poetry, and prose publication on campus), and she works in the public library's children's department... she stays pretty busy. She loves reading and she spends WAY too much time watching Netflix and cop shows. Emily is SO excited for NSO and she can't wait to meet all of you!!!

Taka Kondo

Naturalist, lecturer, the ultimate outdoor enthusiast. Taka is a senior psychoanalysis major from Walpole, MA. Taka enjoys short walks on the beach, climbing, stencil art, and spooking people (Spagett!). His biggest fears are drop bears and six digit prime numbers. On campus, Taka works at the climbing gym as a monitor and is about to begin his one year tenure as manager of the cross country ski team. The stoke levels are high in this one.

Emily Lawrence

Colleen Leong

Colleen grew up in Colorado and is a molecular and cellular biology major and classics minor. Colleen is a research assistant in the molecular biology department, a peer tutor at the Writing Center, and an Admission Fellow. She is also involved with Colorado College Student Government Association, Kappa Kappa Gamma women’s fraternity, and Health Professions Club. But Colleen's favorite extracurricular is being a ski instructor for preschoolers! This is her third year leading NSO and can’t wait to meet her final generation of trippees! Go NSO!

Rachel Lieurance

Meow! Haha, thats cat language for hello! Rachel aspires to be a crazy cat lady when she grows up! Right meow Rachel is working abroad in Chile for an English language media outlet, but cannot wait to get back to campus to meet the class of 2019! Rachel is a Colorado Native, and a purrfect day for her is spent outside in Colorado, maybe with something delicious to nip on! Rachel is no meowsician, but she loves listening to the student bands on campus. She hopes you all come to CC with a great catitude and have a blast during NSO!

Jerry Sukuan Liu

Jerry is from Shenzhen, China and currently is a Biology OEE major and Spanish minor. Jerry loves snowboarding, hiking, rock climbing, and plants. This year will be Jerry’s second time leading NSO and he is really stoked for it because knowing new people is always fun.

Johnny Lomas

Cora Lubchenco

Cora was born and raised in the mountains of Colorado, she loves day-old pastries, she plans to someday graduate medical school as a primary care physician, and her spirit animal is the fox. Lubadub will be a Junior at CC this year, studying Sociology, and she ecstatic to help you First Years discover the joys of our school and the breathtaking state that we all now call home! Hunt her down for anything from academic advice to a climbing buddy.  

Devon Lucero

Maggie Mackinlay

Maggie is an incoming sophomore and is interested in taking more classes in English, art, and the life and earth sciences, though she has not declared a major yet. She grew up primarily in Walnut Creek, California, but also spent a few years as a toddler in Carbondale, Colorado. Two of her favorite places in the world are Fallen Leaf Lake, which is in the Western Sierras of California, and Lopez Island, which is in the Puget Sound of Northern Washington. Maggie spends her free time being outside, reading, and doing art. Or sleeping. She loves to go on long car trips with loud music and books on tape. She is embarrassingly sensitive to caffeine and easily stoked, particularly by snow, which was a rarity in her life before coming to CC.

Kelsey Maxwell

Kelsey is from Barrington Rhode Island. She is majoring in Environmental Science and minoring in feminism and gender studies. Kelsey loves to run and go camping and enjoys consuming lots of ice cream. Her spirit animal is a cat.

Abby McLagan

Abby (sometimes known as Clags) is an Economics major with a Spanish minor from Denver, CO. She loves spending time outside, especially if it involves skiing! Her favorite food is Italian sandwiches and her favorite intramural sport is ice hockey.  She recently got back from a semester abroad in Chile and is stoked to return to CC and meet the new incoming class.

Carly Merritt

Carly is an organismal biology and ecology major from the heartland of America, Southern Illinois. Her hobbies include backpacking, canoeing, and watching incongruous amounts of Internet television. Passions include Harry Potter, Carl the llama, and the Missouri Ozarks.

Alyssa Miller

Alyssa is a sophomore Art Studio major from the heartland of America, Southern Illinois. In her spare time, she enjoys reading/writing, the great outdoors, and making slightly uncomfortable jokes. She is happiest when dancing poorly with confidence and riding her red razor scooter.

Austin Miller

A texan, canadian, and french man of mystery, Austin Miller is a freshly graduated Geology major, making a return to help welcome the class of 2019. When he is not analyzing the global stratum of ferrous compounds giving away clues to the very essence of life, he is shredding the local mountain bike trails with his own ferocity. On the Weekends Austin can be found leading trips for the ORC. Unlike Jon Snow, "Winter is coming" is a phrase that makes Austin smile as he looks forward to leading many backcountry powder escapades this coming year. Most of all, Austin is excited to introduce new students to the best of what Colorado, and more importantly, CC has to offer!

Maddie Miller

Maddie is a junior Mathematical Economics major from Sun Valley, Idaho.  She spent her high school years at Middlesex in Concord, Massachusetts. Maddie was a winter start and spent her first semester in India on a NOLS course.  In addition to spending time with her siberian husky, Angus, Maddie is an avid skiier, mountaineer, and hockey player.  Some of Maddie's favorite adventures include skiing Red Mountain Pass in Colorado, climbing Crestone Peak in Colorado, and climbing Cotopaxi in Ecuador. She is also a singer, actress, and co-chair for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life at CC.  Maddie is beyond excited to introduce the incoming freshman to one of the greatest places on Earth! 

Noah Miller

Collier Modell

Some classic descriptions of Collier are “She’s weird,” “where da chocolate at?,” and “air jordans on the tennis court.” When Collier is not eating chocolate ice cream, casually using hashtags in conversation, getting sunburnt, or laughing with friends and sometimes strangers, you may be able to find her studying in the most secretive and awesome study spots across town, or will you? #nsointerns2014forlife

Daniel Morris

David Mulcahy

David Mulcahy is a rising senior working towards a degree in Economics and Business as well as a minor in Environmental Issues. He is a big fan of anything in the outdoors from road-tripping through Utah and California to hiking over half of Colorado's 14ers. President of the Freerider's Union on campus, David is a big skier and loves to do anything winter sport related. He is excited to re-live orientation week and share in the experience with the new incoming freshman after having a great NSO experience of his own.

Izzy Nathanson

Isabelle "Izzy" Nathanson is a Sophomore and a Colorado native from Boulder. She finds joy in a powder day on her skis, crystal clear mountain lakes, dancing in the sunshine and a good cup of coffee. She is currently pursuing a major in curiosity studies, but plans to decide on a real one sometime soon. Izzy loves CC and can't wait to come back in the fall!

Alice Oline

Alyssa Ortega

Alyssa Ortega is a biochemistry major. This is her third year leading NSO and had such a fun experience last year! She works as a student athletic trainer for the Colorado college sports medicine department and enjoys hiking, fly fishing, boxing, knitting and yoga.

Haley Parco

Maya Patel

Maya is originally from Washington DC. She enjoys rock climbing, playing soccer, and interacting with kittens. Excited to meet you all!

Cameron Pattison

Mariana Pena-Alfaro

Hoang Pham

Mollie Podmore

Mollie is a rising junior from Glenwood Springs, Colorado. She is an avid telemark monkey, whitewater kayak monkey, and a recently declared philosophy monkey. On a typical Tuesday morning, you can find Mollie playing guitar, eating crackers and cheese, or rafting with her friends. She has spent the summer romping around way out west with a coyote named Frank. She can’t wait to meet y’all!

Andy Post

Andy led NSO last year in Alamosa, Colorado. Even though he grew up in Denver, seeing Colorado’s diversity has mainly happened during his time as a Tiger. His favorite things about campus include the filtered water stations, the slick pavement near Shove and Cutler, and when it snows during May.

Ruthie Rabinovitch

Ruthie joined the CC community last fall as a transfer and can’t wait to get back for her second year here. Ruthie hails from southern California and is studying psychology and music. She enjoys Hillel’s Shabbat dinners, going to concerts, eating Oreos, and playing saxophone. Ruthie had a blast leading the Winter Start transfer orientation in January, and she is super excited to welcome a new group of transfers to CC in August!

James Reohr

James Reohr was born in Nashua, NH but has lived in a suburb of Boston called Weston his entire life. He is proud to call Weston his home but at the same time happy to be out of the sleepy lil’ town. He has two brothers, and they all have very similar interests and not surprisingly they all attended CC! I took a gap year and happened to end up in the same class as my younger bro, and it’s been a blast thus far. More about James: He loves to play sports of any kind, is always happy when outdoors, and enjoys general goon-around-ery. Stoked for NSO this year!

Jaxon Rickel

Jaxon has loved the outdoors since he was a wee boy- he is now a OBE Bio Major. Jaxon used to mountain bike timidly in AZ- he now mountain bikes less timidly in CO.Jaxon used to not know what snow was- now he xcountry skiis for fun. Jaxon used to not love CC- then he attended and now loves CC dearly. He is excited to give you a great introduction to CC!!

Tom Roberts

Tom Roberts is a junior philosophy major from Boulder, CO. He loves philosophy and hopes to have some crazy conversations during NSO, if that's your thing. He also loves snowboarding, walking around aimlessly, reading, and art (looking at it. He can't make it). Tom is stoked for NSO and is looking forward to meeting the Class of 2019! 

Harrison Rosenfeld

Harrison is a rising senior political science major. He love sports, the outdoors, and hanging out with Friends.

Lila Rosenman

Lila is a Sociology major and a Race and Ethnic studies minor. She loves looking at Pikes Peak, indian food, and procrastinating everything by going to the Humane Society. She's led Winter Start Orientation twice and is excited to finally swim in the NSO pond.

Alison Rowe

Alison Rowe is a Senior at CC, getting ready to lead NSO for the second year in a row! Ali is a psychology major from Boston, MA and loves dancing, reading, cooking, running, dinosaurs, and exploring the great outdoors. She can't wait for this year's New Student Orientation, and is excited to share her CC experiences with the first-year class as she begins her last year!

Aidan Russell

Aidan Russell is a rising junior from Lenox, Massachusetts who studies economics with a minor in French.  Aidan is a member of the Freeriders’ Union of Colorado College, helping to organize skiing-oriented events both on and off campus, and he also enjoys mountain biking.  Aidan was a winter start student, and spent his first semester away from CC in Paris, France. Aidan is very excited to lead NSO because it will give him the opportunity to introduce first-year students to the beauty of Colorado and the unique place that is Colorado College.

Crane Sarris

Bennett Silverman

Bennett is a Junior from McLean, Virginia studying Environmental Science and Chemistry. After spending last year as an RA, Bennett is excited to lead NSO for the first time. He believe NSO is a great time for new students because you make great friendships and connections that will allow for an easy and fun transition to CC . When he’s not in class or leading an ORC trip as this year’s Co-Chair, you can usually find him paddling on a river or rock climbing somewhere awesome.

Hanbo Shao

Mary Hollis Schmidt

Lucy Sloan

Raised in the hilltowns of Western Massachusetts, exploring is in my Lucy Sloan’s nature. She has traveled in Europe, South America, Afirca, and Central America and hiked, skied, kayaked, backpacked and rafted along the way. She is a rising sophomore and this is her first time leading NSO. She is excited to get out to Colorado early and meet everyone!

Caleigh Smith

Caleigh loves hiking, mountain biking, backpacking, kayaking, telemark skiing (drop knees not bombs!), riding horses, running, playing the violin (fiddle if you'd prefer), and recreational porch sitting. NSO will be one of the best times of freshman year so GET STOKED!

Ellen Smith

Ellen Smith is from Dallas, TX.  Ellen is a Geology major, works at the Gear House, leads trips for the Outdoor Recreation Club and volunteers for the Early Birds Program and Breakout.

Greg Smith

Greg is just a fun loving fella from Nebraska running around in the mountains. Greg is into skiing, poetry and honesty. Ask him anything, and he’ll probably be straightforward. At any rate, he hopes to see you soon! It's a beautiful day outside today.

Eliza Stein

Eliza is a sophomore Biology major at CC. She has been leading outdoor trips for years, and she can’t wait to be part of the Priddy Trip experience! Eliza is a gem, and if she is your leader you really should just go ahead and pee your pants with excitement.

Anna Suszynski

Anna Suszynski, or Anna Banana or Sushi, is a rising senior at CC studying to be an English, Creative Writing track major from Denver, Colorado. She will just be getting back from studying abroad in Granada, Spain and is stoked to meet the incoming freshman class! She is also the captain of the Girl’s Club Soccer Team here at CC and skis at least once every weekend.

Kimi Tanabe

Julia Taranatino

Julia Tarantino is from dirty jerz, and is a rising Sophomore. She had the most eye-opening Priddy experience my freshman year and hopes that she can provide a great experience for her freshies! Julia plays lacrosse at CC and she also loves "doing" art, skiing, exploring new places, and eating apples.

Maggie Turner

Leo Turpan

Whit Walker

Liz Waterman

Liz Waterman is a rising junior at Colorado College. I’m an Education major and Southwest Studies minor and I run on the cross-country team at CC. I’m super excited to lead NSO for the second time and get to know the incoming class!!

Annie Wells

Annie is a rising junior from the Chicago suburbs majoring in International Political Economy and minoring in History. In her free time, Annie enjoys playing outside, listening to the Avett Brothers, and working with kids. Over the summer, Annie got certified to teach yoga and is looking forward to teaching classes at CC. This is her first NSO trip she is leading and she could not be more excited to help welcome the class of 2019!!

Mariel Wilson

Whitney Wilson

Molly Winston

Molly is a rising senior neuroscience major from Deerfield, Illinois. This is her second year leading NSO and she's super stoked to have an awesome new group of trippees to share CC with! Molly is a member of Globemed, the Honor Council, the Neuro Club and she's a physical therapy aid. Aside from all that, Molly loves spending time doing yoga, skiing, and enjoying that Colorado sunshine. Welcome Colorado College class of 2019! 

Julia Wood

Talia Worth

Talia is so excited to be leading NSO this year! She is a rising sophomore, and is currently thinking about double majoring in Education and Sociology with a minor in studio art. Talia is from Deerfield, IL. She is pumped to share all that CC has to offer with the incoming freshman and have an unreal time!

Adam Young

Mari Young

Reed Young