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Who are the trip leaders?

Priddy Experience Trips spend their time in small groups of 8-12 incoming students. Each group is led by 2-3 upperclassman leaders who are passionate about helping introduce new students to CC. The leader selection process is very competitive and leaders receive over 100 hours of training for these trips! All participating students and leaders work as a team, and students are expected to share in the responsibility for their own well-being and the well-being of the group.

Trip Leaders

Andrew Allison-Godfrey

This is Andrew’s first year leading NSO. He’s backpacked in Colorado and India and skied in North and South America. He’s stoked to get to come out to CC early and experience all the beauty that is Colorado with the new students!

Madison Andres

Rising senior Madison Andres is working towards a Geology major and loves spending time in the Colorado outdoors, especially if there is a frisbee involved. She is so excited to lead NSO because she is excited to know YOU, our new students! Madison loves NSO because it is a great opportunity for her to make new friends and revitalize her own Colorado College experience.

Sarah Beckwith

Sarah loved her Priddy Experience her freshman year. While working towards a major in Biochemistry, Sarah also works as an RA and as a CC enthusiast. Sarah believes, "NSO is a very unique experience that truly sets CC apart from other colleges. It is a great experience that integrates incoming first-years directly into the intense culture of CC. I would love to be part of the bridge that brings this incoming group, full force, into the unique CC world." Sarah is excited to meet the incoming class of 2017!

Robin Berk

A spidermonkey on the rockwall with a heart of gold, Robin is a recent winter start to enter CC. Her advice to incoming students? "Don't be afraid to put yourself out there.  Be confident and you won't look like a fool - everybody wants a friend.  And don't feel like you are alone - everybody is in the same boat, adjusting to college.  That being said, get involved in things.  I personally wish I had gotten more involved right off the bat, as I am just now trying to get involved.  Getting involved will introduce you to new people and groups and really speed up the process of feeling like a part of the CC community." Welcome class of 2017!

Natalie Berkman

Natalie is a senior here at CC and she is super excited about being a NSO leader! Natalie’s favorite things at CC are the farm, intramural softball and her giant rabbit named Big Daddy. Natalie loves everything about CC and cannot wait for you all to experience it yourselves!

Rayna Ben-Zeev 

Rayna likes theater, dance, hiking, biking, and being goofy. Rayna is an environmental science major, math minor from Evanston, Illinois. Rayns is super excited to lead NSO because she loves meeting new people and exploring the outdoors!

Nick Bernstein

Nick is a senior Neuroscience major and a first-time NSO leader who enjoys backcountry skiing and nerding out on science. Nick’s own NSO Priddy trip was excellent and shaped his college experience. He will be living with some of his fellow trippees this year, and that is why Nick is stoked to lead NSO for the Class of 2018!

Meredith Bird

Meredith is a rising senior and Southwest Studies major at CC. Meredity is involved in Colorado Springs Food Rescue, Colorado College Learning Initiative in the Mountains, and the Outdoor Recreation Club. In her free time, Meredith enjoys singing and hiking all over colorful Colorado. Meredith is a three time NSO leader and she cannot wait to meet the class of 2018!

Axel Bjerke

Axel is a senior from Sweden and member of the Colorado College Men’s Rugby team. He is excited to introduce incoming freshmen into the world of CC.

Molly Broom

Molly is a Geology major and the Co-Captain of the Alpine Ski Team. She loves CC and is stoked to show first-years how much CC means to her and hopefully impart that love for our school onto them. In her spare time, Molly skis, knits, hikes, cooks, ROCKS, and loves Thailand.

Jack Burger

Jack is a Colorado native, rising senior, and captain of the the Colorado College Men’s Tennis Team. He loves tennis and dedicates his summers to coaching at a tennis camp. Jack looks forward to meeting the incoming class and creating “relationships and memories that [his] tripees and [he] will cherish forever.”

Dan Butler

Dan is a rising senior and looks forward to meeting and connecting with the incoming class. He likes to lead and go on trips in the outdoors and leads with the importance of the journey, not the destination in mind. He hopes to give back the great experience he had during his NSO to the class of 2018.

Eleanore Campbell

Ellie Campbell is from Fort Collins, Colorado, and will be a junior this coming year. Ellie is psyched to be an NSO leader because NSO was such an exciting time for her. She can’t wait to meet and welcome the new members of our community and support her NSO group in the transition to college as her NSO mentors did for her. In her free time, Ellie enjoys hiking, all kinds of skiing, frisbee, slackline, paddleboard, knitting and crafts, cooking, listening to music, and hanging out with friends.

Will Carson

Will works as a manager at the Worner Desk and last summer was an RA for International Students who chose to spend the summer at CC. Will found that his NSO experience instilled in him an excitement for the years to come at CC, and he hopes to foster that same stoke level.

Jane Cavagnero

This will be Jane’s second year leading NSO. She is an International Political Economy major and is involved in the photography club, the arts and crafts department, and she loves intramural sports! Jane can’t wait to get back to CC and meet the incoming class!

Lani Chang

Lani had an amazing NSO experience last year and is stoked to be leading her own trip this year! She is from northern California and is an incoming sophomore at CC. She hopes to major in environmental science. She loves rock climbing, skiing, slacklining and basically anything that involves playing outside.She’s so excited to meet the incoming class of 2018!

Colin Chupik

Colin Chupik is a rising junior studying geology who loves to be in the outdoors. In his free time Colin loves to go rock climbing, hiking or backpacking. This past summer Colin was a leader for overland summers leading 8th graders in New England.

Will Cohn

Not only is Will a rising junior and an undeclared Neuroscience major, his spirit animal is also an Emperor Tamarin. An avid outdoorsman, Will believes, "the outdoors should be about bringing people together by eliminating everyday distractions." As a member of Hillel, Will is happy to answer any questions about Jewish life on campus. His advice to incoming freshman is not to get caught up in FOMO, or Fear Of Missing Out, and get out to try new things!

Elizabeth Colby

Elizabeth Colby is a pre-med history major from all over the USA (Indiana, Arizona, and Colorado). This is Elizabeth’s second year leading NSO, and she is thrilled to welcome a great new class and make some awesome new friends! In her free time, Elizabeth likes to figure skate, ski, crochet, read, grab dinner downtown with friends, and enjoy the gorgeous Colorado sunshine.

Ben Coldwell

Ben has a wide range of interests which lead him to have many fun adventures in plenty of unique environments.

Sawyer Connelly

Sawyer is a rising senior working towards a degree in Environmental Science and English. Sawyer is excited to share his love and enthusiasm for the outdoors and for CC with the incoming class of 2018. His love for the environment has inspired him to join the ORC and to work for the Catamount Institute, a local sustainability organization. Sawyer wants to be an upperclassman connection with freshman to share, "what I have for advice about the mistakes I made, the things I've done right and be able to answer their questions all while instilling an excitement about the CC community and everything it has to offer." 

Ben Criswell

Ben is a rising Junior from Portland, Oregon. This past spring, Ben declared an Environmental Policy major (CONGRATS) and is on track to minor in Art Studio. Ben is a first time leader and is stoked to get back to doing some top-notch adventuring in the Colorado wilderness. Hobbies of Ben’s include stir-frying,, hatchet chopping, climbing, gardening, and finding phat beats.

Marin Day

Marin is a rising sophomore at CC, and this will be her first year leading NSO. She is SUPER STOKED. NSO played a vital role in helping Marin feel grounded and connected to CC and other students, and she is looking forward to sharing that experience with new students. She is also excited to experience NSO in a new way--as a leader! Marin is undeclared, but has passions for dance, food, yoga, photography, writing, and art.

Eliza Densmore

Eliza is a rising senior who hails from the rolling hills of western Massachusetts. She's majoring in Film and New Media Studies. This will be her second time leading NSO, and she could not be more excited! Her hobbies include making music, reading good books,  and continuing her search for the best chocolate eclair in the world.  She stresses the importance of learning through "the most unexpected and spontaneous interactions" students have at CC and that "college is about self-discovery and testing out different ways to contribute to the world." Eliza is looking forward to meeting the incoming class of 2018!

Leah DiFilippo

Leah will be leading her first NSO this year. She loves to ski and play outside. Leah is beyond stoked to meet all her trippees and make them love CC as much as she does.

Kaitlyn DiMarco

Kaitlyn is currently a sophomore at CC. She loves backpacking and backcountry skiing, and in the past year she has gotten to go on some pretty cool adventure. Her advice to freshmen is "regardless of what you are interested in, get involved, step out of your comfort zone, and enjoy every second you get this coming year because CC is an incredible place!" Kaitlyn is super excited to meet all of the incoming class and to have an amazing and fun first week of school!

Leslie Dinkin

When rising sophmore Leslie Dinkin is not hiking or ceramicing, she is getting stoked for NSO! Leslie thinks “NSO, while sort of nerve racking, is the best possible way to welcome in students that I can think of.” Leslie CANNOT WAIT to meet her trippees!

Hayley Distler

Hayley Distler is a rising senior Environmental Science major. She is ecstatic to be leading NSO for the second time and to share her love and enthusiasm for CC and the outdoors. She enjoys skiing, hiking and spending as much time as possible outside. When not studying or enjoying the outdoors, she tutors children in basic reasing skills as part of the Children’s Literacy Center. Her CC studies have taken her to explore and study in both Senegal and Thailand. She is excited to be leading NSO because it is a unique experience for both leaders and trippees, and it makes CC so special and gives all freshmen a fun and rewarding start to their college careers.

Liz Doernhoefer

Liz is excited to meet and lead the incoming class of 2018. This will be her second year leading NSO.

Alexandra Drew

Drewsie is an Environmental Policy major from Boston, and she is about to start her senior year at CC. When she’s not in class or hoarding coffee in the library, she is leading and going on ORC trips, skiing, running, or working with local elementary and middle school students. Her favorite food is iced coffee. For those that do not believe it is a food group, her second favorite is peanut butter. The coolest thing she recently did was evacuate a dog from the Long Trail. This fall, she is looking forward to seeing how great of a Teva tan she develops during her summer employment and taking her post as Queen of the ORC.

Alina Drufovka

As a rising sophomore, Alina is looking forward to becoming an NSO leader and giving back to the CC community. Alina is excited to help incoming students acclimate and transition to Colorado College, give advice about the social and academic life, and play in the outdoors! Her advice to the class of 2017? "While I believe it is important to immerse oneself in the community and get to know as many people as possible, I think it is also important to delegate time for oneself and not worry about walking someplace or going to a new activity alone." 

Cody Duckworth

Cody is more than excited to lead NSO! He hails from the small town of Black Mountain, NC and loves doing anything outside, predominantly hiking, backpacking, snowboarding and rock climbing. Cody is also a member of the CC rugby team and a FYE Mentor in the Geology department. NSO was one of Cody’s favorite CC experiences (not that it's downhill from there) and he cannot wait to show y’all the same great experience he had!

Luke Elliott

Luke was born in the Midwest and is a rising junior. He likes to rock climb, read, watch basketball, and writing rushed alliterations.

Samantha "Sam" Ellner

A rising sophomore, Sam is working towards a degree in Psychology. Sam is excited to assist the class of 2017 on their transition to CC. Sam thoroughly enjoyed her NSO trip and hopes to give a similar experience to her trippees! "I want to be an NSO leader because I want to give the amazing experience I had to another freshman. Everyone deserves the friendships that were given to me because of my loving NSO leaders." 

Lena Engelstein

Lena is a rising junior who hails from the land where the Sopranos was filmed. Subsequently she likes pizza and bagels a lot. She also likes condiments on anything and everything. Lena loves dancing, whether it’s for class or in her living room. She’s just into breaking it down. Porch swings, porch stoops, juniper bushes, and the thought of NSO in August are all things that make Lena happy.

Erica Evans

Erica Evans is a rising junior, avid adventurer, geology major and amateur bookmaker. She hails from the great state of Utah. When not geologizing, Erica can be found doing trail work, organizing her rock collection, skiing, and eating ice cream.

Kenyon Fatt

Goober, photographer, musician, and hip-hop dancer are just a few of the many wonderful qualities of Kenyon Fatt. With an impressive collection of colorful bandanas, Kenyon can be spotted on campus coasting on his longboard decked out in flair and his signature black glasses. Kenyon loved his NSO trip and hopes to impart the same experience to incoming students and share his enthusiasm for CC. His advice to the class of 2017? "Cherish every moment here at CC." 

Ben Feldman

Ben is a rising senior and co-leader for a CC student organization, the Colorado College Learning Initiative in the Mountains, attempting to foster a sense of wonder of the natural world and appreciation for the environment in local middle schoolers. Ben hopes to “create an environment where new freshman can have lots of fun and feel comfortable opening up to each other” through NSO.

Helen Feldman

Helen is going into her fourth and final year at CC. She was born and raised in New York City, but she got the Rocky Mountain bug. She is studying sociology and has a passion for international human rights work. She loves to travel, sleep out under the stars, walk in the mountains, find hot springs off the beaten track, and meet interesting folks. She can’t wait for NSO to begin and get to know all the amazing new people who will soon be calling CC home. Let the good times commence!

Matthew “Brooks” Fleet

Brooks is a rising senior majoring in Film and New Media Studies. At CC, Brooks is involved in Campus Activities and Disabilities Awareness Group. He thoroughly enjoyed being an NSO leader in the past and is excited to get to know his trippees! "Even though I was one of the leaders of the group, I truly felt like I gained as much from my NSO trip as I hope my first years did." His advice to incoming students is to realize that meeting a solid group of friends can often take time but it will happen nonetheless!

Charlie Flesche

Charlie is a senior and is excited to lead NSO for his first time. Charlie hopes to foster a welcoming and comforting environment for the incoming class.

Kayla Fratt

Kayla is a rising junior from Ashland, Wisconsin. As a first-year NSO leader, Kayla is most excited to share her love for CC with incoming freshmen. She is an avid nordic skier, but also enjoys whitewater and sea kayaking, climbing, riding horses, and training dogs. Kayla is a biology major with a focus in animal behavior, and she just got back from a semester abroad in Ecuador!

Lucy Gamble

Lucy is a rising senior, Outdoor Recreation Committee member, returning NSO leader, and generally an OG. Additionally, she spends much of her time working with the Student Organization for Sexual Safety, serving as a mentor in the North Boys Enrichment program, volunteering with the Farm Club, and organizing and attending events with student clubs like Invisible Children, Good Foodies, and the Women’s Spirituality Circle. She is excited to welcome incoming students!

Rachel Gibbs

Rising senior, Rachel studies biology and dance. During the year she can most likely be found learning away in the library, dancing around in Cossitt hall or lounging on the quad in the sunshine. She loves the mountains, the desert, the ocean and the forest, however she loves nothing more than Colorado College. She is thrilled about leading NSO again this fall!

Megan Gillespie

We're excited to have Megan join the NSO leader team! Megan is a rising sophomore intending to major in Biology. Megan loved her Priddy experience when she was a freshman and hopes to provide the same experience, if not better, to the incoming class of 2017. Her advice to new students? Don't compare yourself with other students, be yourself! 

Hannah Glosser

Hannah is a rising sophomore, and this will be her first year leading NSO. Some of Hannah’s hobbies include hiking, skiing, and soccer. She is super excited to lead an NSO trip!

Lara Grevstad

Lara is a junior biology major from seattle, washington. She loves doing anything outdoors, including hiking, backpacking, and skiing. She also loves photography. In her spare time she reads, watches movies or does crafts.

Codi Haigney

Codi is a junior from New Jersey and is looking forward to leading her first NSO. Codi is excited to meet the incoming freshmen class and to welcome them into the CC community.

Anne Hakim

Anne is from Vienna, Virginia. She is a geology major and studied abroad for a semester in Tanzania. She likes spending time outside, preferably while eating ice cream and or cheese.

Bara Hanzalova

Bara is a sophomore physics major from the Czech Republicc. Bara is excited to lead her first NSO trip in the beautiful state of Colorado! Besides spending time outside, Bara likes to run, bike, go to the gym, swim, get involved in clubs and hang out with friends of course! Bara is so excited for her tripees -- the places we will visit and the many ice breaker games we will play! GO NSO! :)

Jay Hartman

FIrst time NSO leader, Jay loves to ski, backpack, and scuba. Jay is excited to introduce first years to CC. Jay thought that his NSO was super fun and he's psyched to share the time of NSO with the incoming freshman!

Fiona Haslett

Originally from Lincoln, Massachusetts, Fiona Haslett is a rising senior majoring in environmental science. This year she will be co-chair of the Outdoor Recreation Club and has led many backpacking trips across the west.  This past winter, Fiona spent a month in Patagonia studying forest ecology and hiking throughout the Andes. During the summer of 2012, she received an expedition grant from the Ritt Kellogg Memorial Fund to spend two weeks backpacking with three friends in the Bridger-Teton Wilderness in Wyoming. During her sophomore year she lived in Synergy House, the sustainability community on campus.

Fischer Hazen

A Colorado native, Fischer is a rising Junior majoring in Geology, minoring in Spanish and aiming for med-school. Fischer is an avid outdoorsman, he loves to climb, ski, backpack, and do anything that takes him outdoors.  He is stoked to lead NSO and he hopes to impart his same appreciation and love for nature and CC to fellow students. For Fischer, his "NSO experience was a very powerful and successful acclimatization process to the new world of college" and hopes he can provide the same guidance to his trippees.

Virginia Hill

Virginia Hill is a rising senior who is incredibly excited to lead NSO! While at CC, Virginia has enjoyed being a geology major and member of CC's Women's Ultimate Frisbee team in addition to a general outdoor enthusiast. This will be her first year leading NSo and she is really looking forward to getting to know the incoming class of students and being able to give them an experience as wonderful as the one she had on NSO!

Emma Holmes

Emma is a rising senior majoring in Mathematics.  Most of Emma’s time is taken up by demanding practices on the varsity swim & dive team. Emma is happy to answer any questions about balancing both academics and athletics at Colorado College. She can’t wait give incoming students the same great experience she had on her Priddy trip!

Erin Holmes

This is Erin’s second time leading NSO, and she is looking forward to it! Erin believes that NSO is a gerat way for the new students to meet each other and get settled into life at CC. She is stoked to be a part of that process. Erin is on the swim team at CC, and she loves to do all sorts of crafts in downstairs Worner.

Nikki Holzman

A NSO intern. A rising sophomore. A first time NSO leader. Gum Expert. Extraordinaire. Three words her friends use to describe Nikki are funny, passionate, and bingobangobongo. If Nikki is your leader, then you are going to have the BESTTRIPEVER. Nikki is from Charlottesville, Virginia and has brought with her ample knowledge about the different types and flavors of gum. When she is not outside doing anything and everything then she is inside doing super intense push ups and planks. Yikes. She is SO EXCITED to lead the Little Tigers in their first CC experience!

Rebecca Hunter

Rebecca Hunter is a Bio major and English minor at CC, and a lobster lover from CT.  This is Rebecca’s inaugural year leading NSO and she is 100000000000% psyched to lead a group of new students into the great outdoors! She enjoys eating lobsters, swimming, rowing, beating pepople at scrabble (get ready kids), and the movie the Graduate. She is counting down the days until she meets her trippees.

Melissa Jay

Melissa is a rising junior and math major. This will be her second year leading NSO, and she could not be more psyched to meet the Class of 2018! When Melissa is not in class, she can be found hanging out in the climbing gym, climbing at Garden of the Gods, or volunteering with BreakOut. Melissa LOVES BANAGRAMS. If you do too, you will get along pretty well with Melissa.

Savannah Johnson

A junior Sociology major with double minors in Feminist & Gender Studies and Education, Savannah loves the Colorado vibe.  She is a leader for the Outdoor Recreation Committee, the founder of OrgasmiCC, a student group dedicated to increasing autonomy on campus, a co chair of Feminist Collective, a tutor at the Writing Center, works at a restaurant in Downtown Colorado Springs, and dabbles in filmmaking, world frolicking, and crafting for funsies.  Her advice to first years? “Get outside, explore what Colorado has to offer, do what makes you happy, and hopefully you’ll never find yourself without interesting things to do.”


Jacob Jones

Jacob Jones is a rising sophomore. He had an awesome NSO experience last year and is really hoping he will be able to pass that forward this year. Jacob is from Atlanta, GA and is very active with queer life on campus. He also works for the office of accessibility resources, and in his free time he makes jewelry and plays the banjo.

Molly Kadota

Molly is a rising junior and captain of the Women’s Club Hockey team here at CC. In her free time, Molly coaches hockey for three seasons out of the year. Molly loved getting to know her leaders and fellow classmates during her NSO and she hopes to help foster a great space for the incoming freshmen to get to know each other as well as the leaders.

Rachel Katzoff

Rachel is a senior international political economy major with minors in global health and African studies. She studied abroad in Kenya last fall and was an intern for the United States Olympic Committee last spring in Sochi, Russia. She is super excited to meet all the new students!

Kiki Kauffman

Kiki is a rising sophomore at Colorado College Some of her hobbies include playing soccer, tennis and hiking. She is very excited to be leading her first NSO trip this fall and hope that she can help make it as enjoyable for all of you as it was for her!

Michael Kauzmann

Michael is a rising junior Computer Science major. Michael likes climbing of all sorts whether it’s rock,  tree, or building. He also plays music and does computer science things in his free time. Michael’s enthusiasm and constant energy makes him an amazingly fun dude to be around. NSO 2014 get ready!

Anna Kay

Anna is a rising junior sociology major who loves to be outside, read good books, knit, cook Japanese food, and teach yoga. Anna is originally from the beautiful city of Minneapolis in Minnesota and therefore loves the snow, biking around lakes, and listening to good public radio (look up 89.3 The Current online). She will be leading NSO for the second time this year and could not be more excited. Get ready for the best week of your life, kiddos! 

Fletcher Keeley

Fletcher is going to his junior year here at good ol’ CC, and he is a double major in history and economics. So far, Fletcher has spent his time at CC climbing, skiing, and kayaking through the West (and hopefully studying a little too). One of his favorite trips was when his friends and he roadtripped around the desert in Moab, Utah to climb. Fletcher also works at the CC gear house and enjoys adding to the CC outdoor community in that way.

Avery Kernan

A rising senior, Avery is working towards a degree in Sociology. Avery lived in the sustainable living community, Synergy House, and happy to answer any questions about these living communities on campus. Some of Avery's favorite parts of NSO is getting to know incoming students and reflection circles for students to ask questions to leaders. "NSO trips also create a great network on campus that allow you know people you people you would not necessarily know otherwise." Welcome class of 2017!

Andrew Kirvin-Quamme

Andrew is a sophomore neuroscience major, and this will be his first year leading NSO. Andrew likes to ski, hike, listen to music, write, and hear people’s stories. He is stoked to lead NSO because he had a great expereince on his own trip. He hopes to spread some joy and excitement to this year’s freshman class.

Emily Kohut

Emily is a Classics and English double major from Canada and will be leading NSO for a second year! Emily is SO stoked to meet all you guys and get you started here at CC! Emily is an FYE Mentor, Classical language tutor, and library worker who spends a lot of time reading (due to her majors and also she just loves books) but she also spends probably too much time watching cops shows and other ridiculous TV. Emily cannot wait to see all of you for NSO!

Taka Kondo

Taka is a Junior Psychoanalysis major from Walpole, MA and decided to come to CC because of Colorado. Other than class, this year he’ll be spending his time on campus representing you as a Finance Rep for CCSGA (CC Student Gov. Association) and instructing silks (aerial fabrics) classses in the climbing gym. In Taka’s free time you might find him climbing, skiing, heckling by friends, or working on his newest hobby, stencil art. This summer Taka is interning in Tokyo but cannot wait to get back to CC and meet all of you! Cheers!

Colleen Leong

Colleen Leong is a junior molecular and cellular biology major and classics minor. This is her second fabulous year of leading NSO and she absolutely cannot wait to meet her new generation of trippees. She thinks NSO is the greatest time of year. Colleen serves as a representative on the Colorado College Student Government Association and is also the president of the Health Professions Club. She enjoys hiking, running, yoga, skiing, and teaching skiing as an instructor at Copper. Visit her at the Writing Center or in the biology research lab to give her a high five!

Sari Lesem

Sari is a rising senior majoring in Philosophy and Psychoanalysis with a minor in Studio Art. When not adventuring outdoors, drawing pictures, or bulk bin snacking, Sari leads tours for the Admissions team, is on the honor council and is involved with the ORC. She cannot wait to lead another NSO trip and welcome freshman into the CC community! 

Haley Leslie-Bole

Haley is a rising senior from California, and is looking forward to leading NSO for her second time. Haley’s thinks that NSO “is a unique opportunity to get to know people, and to ensure that they have the support to start off their time at CC in the right way.” She is excited to meet the incoming class of 2018!

Ellen Levish

This is Ellen’s 3rd time leading NSO - the other two trips have been disasters, so hopefully this one’s the charm (JUST KIDDING). Ellen is a neuroscience major, interested in all things brain by especially non-human brains and animal cognition. When Ellen is not in class, she works in the education department at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, runs the CC Cool Science Club, sings with the Chamber Chorus, or bakes her lil heart out. Ellen loves leading NSO because it is so rewarding - not only do we get to start the year with great community service, but it is a surefire way to make lots of new friends!

Jerry Sukuan Liu

Jerry is from Shenzhen, China and currently is a Biology OEE major and Spanish minor. Jerry loves snowboarding, hiking, rock climbing, and plants. This year will be Jerry’s first time leading NSO and he is really stoked for it because knowing new people is always fun.

James Lonergan

James is a rising Junior at CC and is involved with activities such as the varsity basketball team, Honor Council, and the President’s Council. James is pumped up to lead his second NSO trip for several reasons, but most of all? He is excited to share the experience of the first week of school alongside all of the incoming freshmen.

Emma Longcope

An avid outdoorswoman and ORC member, Emma is thrilled to lead an NSO trip this August. Emma loves leading trips because of how rewarding it is to see participants grow and enjoy themselves. Her advice to incoming students is "to relax and realize that you'll have four wonderful years to experience everything that CC has to offer. Trying to do more than you can fit into your schedule and trying to be social all the time can leave students exhausted and anxious." 

Patrick Lynch

Patrick is a senior from New Jersey looking forward to leading NSO for the second time. He loved leading NSO as a sophomore, and is excited to make more friendships and connections with the freshmen.

Becca Marks

Becca is a senior at CC and is involved Outdoor Education. She is excited to instill in the incoming class the psych she felt after her NSO experience.

Emily Michels

Emily is a native New Yorker that has fallen in love with living in the mountains. She is a rising senior who designed her own Bioethics and Public Policy major. Emily studied abroad with CC in Spain and Italy. She loves snowboarding, photography, learning new languages, and is super excited to lead NSO for the second time! As member of Hillel, Greek life, and many other clubs, she's happy to answer any questions new students have.

Nate Mankovich

Rising sophomore and prospective Math Major, Nate is really stoked to lead NSO for his first time! Nate is looking forward to meeting some awesome incoming students and be a part of their support group on campus when we return. Nate is also excited to challenge my group of students to work hard and have a lot of fun!

Emma Marshall

Emma is a rising senior and member of the ORC and Colorado College Women’s Rugby team. Her NSO experience was crucial to her comfort and involvement in the CC community and she looks forward to being able to pass that on. She hopes to create an accepting and fun environment for the incoming freshman!

Austin Miller

A texan, canadian, and french man of mystery. Austin Miller is a rising senior Geology major. When he is not analyzing the global stratum of ferrous compounds giving away clues to the very essence of life, he is shredding the local mountain bike trails with his own ferocity. On the Weekends Austin can be found leading trips for the ORC. Unlike Jon Snow, "Winter is coming" is a phrase that makes Austin smile as he looks forward to leading many backcountry powder escapades this coming year. Most of all, Austin is excited to introduce new students to the best of what Colorado, and more importantly, CC has to offer!

Collier Modell

Some classic descriptions of Collier are “She’s weird,” “where da chocolate at?,” and “air jordans on the tennis court.” When Collier is not eating chocolate ice cream, casually using hashtags in conversation, getting sunburnt, or laughing with friends and sometimes strangers, you may be able to find her studying in the most secretive and awesome study spots across town, or will you? #nsointerns2014forlife

Kevin Moss

Kevin is a rising senior environmental science major and is stoked to be leading his second NSO trip! In his free time, he leads backpacking trips for the ORC and is an active member men's ultimate frisbee team, Wasabi. He also recently completed a semester of sea kayaking and mountaineering in Patagonia with the National Outdoor Leadership School. By being an NSO leader, he hopes to introduce incoming students to beautiful Colorado and also help them make a smooth transition to life at CC.

Kenzie Mulligan-Buckmiller

Kenzie is a 2014 NSO summer intern, a rising senior majoring in Hilarity and Wit, and is supah stoked to meet all the Baby Tigs! In her free time, Kenzie enjoys watching any and all Bill Murray movies, baking delish desserts, eating all of said delish desserts, playing land sports, and being a general goon. Kenzie also enjoys long walks on the beach and cannot say no to a good cup of apple juice. She simply cannot wait to meet her trippees and introduce them to the magic that is CC! WOOP!


Maria Mulligan-Buckmiller

Mia is a rising senior at CC and is working towards a major in Molecular & Cellular Biology whilst also involved in the Honor Council, the Senior Class Committee, the Pre-Health Professions Club, and Intramural Sports! Asked about leading NSO for the first time, Mia answered "I am, simply put, REALLY EXCITED to be a leader." Mia's free time is taken up by good old fashioned shenanigans in which good clean fun is always obtained. Mia is a CC tiger through and through and cannot wait to meet all of you!

Matt Nadel

Matt is a rising senior from Centennial, CO (best known for thier IKEA). Matt loves to swim, bike, hike, and read during his free time, all with his dog Garth! This will be Matt’s first time leading NSO and he is super excited to show first-year students everything that CC has to offer. Matt has had an amazing time in his three years here and hopes that his trippees will have the same experience!

Anna Naden

Anna is a senior from Wisonsin and will be leading NSO for the first time! Anna is a Feminist and Gender Studies major and is part of the Feminist Coalition and the Queer Community Coalition on campus. Anna’s hobbies include the outdoors, feminism, and cats. She is so excited to lead NSO to help incoming students adjust to CC and experience the wonders of the amazing places around us!

Elle Nakamura

Hailing from Hawaii, Elle is a rising junior excited to lead NSO for her first time. Elle was an RA last year for a couple of the small houses and is the secretary and publicist for the Asian Student Union. She had a great time on her NSO and looks forward to giving back to the new freshman.

Emily Naranjo

Emily was born in the south of Spain, but moved to the states when she was five. She spends most summers visiting her family in Spain. Emily plays a slew of musical instruments, records her own music, and is always down to jam with friends. This will be Emily’s first year leading NSO, and she thinks it is the perfect way to kick off senior year. Emily is so excited to learn and grow with her trippees!

Kylan Nelson

Usually found napping in various places or wandering around in the backcountry, Kylan is a rising junior working towards a major in biology. This is her first year leading NSO and she is stoked to help new students acclimate to college and CC.  Besides napping and wandering, Kylan enjoys trail running, cycling, climbing mountains, and good books.  Kylan is excited to welcome new students to CC!

Alyssa Ortega

Alyssa Ortega is a biochemistry major. This is her second year leading NSO and had such a fun experience last year! She works as a student athletic trainer for the Colorado college sports medicine department and enjoys hiking, fly fishing, boxing, knitting and yoga.

Katie Osborn

Call her what you will, chocolate-lover, stress-monkey, or die hard Pixar-movie fan, you can frequently find Katie fruitlessly trying to catch up to the level of awesome achieved by innumerable CC students or falling off her longboard at the most inopportune moments. Despite too often using the word "muffins" in place of everything, she is incredibly excited to be leading NSO again and hopes to help her trippees see the amazing adventure and opportunity that an education at CC can be.

Gabriella Palko

Gabriella is a junior Environmental Policy major and loves all things outdoors, especially backcountry skiing, hiking, and fishing. This will be her first NSO trip and she is stoked to make your first CC adventure a sweet one!

Luke Paulson

Luke is fond of relaxing, cooking, and growing plants. He does his best to treat our environment with the most respect possible. Academically (and non-academically) Luke is interested in ecology with an emphasis on the plant world. This is his second time leading NSO and he is quite excited to meet some new folks. Feel your feelings.

Nicole Pey

Nicole, a rising senior, has been an RA for the past two years and has loved that. During Nicole’s NSO experience, she felt a great amount of support from the leaders of her group, and she hopes to give back that support to the class of 2018.

Nanette Phillips

Having graduated this past May from Colorado College, Nanette is a part-time professional adult impersonator and full-time child star in San Francisco, California. Not only is Nanette a professional in most fields and realms with which she dabbles, she is a professional NSO leader and will have led not one, not two, but three groups of impressionable youth into the Colorado backcountry to be initiated (non-aggressively) into the CC community. Her current hobbies include catching up on sleep, lapping the lunch buffet at her grandmother’s retirement community, and riding her recumbent bicycle on weekends. Nanette’s stoke has reached an all-time high for NSO 2014, and she can’t wait to meet select members of the class of 2018!

Andrew Post

Andy is a rising junior who looks forward to leading his first NSO experience this August! In his free time, he works with the Catamount institute, inspiring youth to have a passion for being in the outdoors.  Andy believes that NSO, “one of CC’s greatest strengths… creates comfortable group and interpersonal environments” and he hopes to help “form enduring and rewarding relationships” throughout the incoming class.

Nina Riggio

Rock climbing and exploring anything are Nina’s  favorite activities. She loves to listen to people's stories and to learn about new cultures and people. Nina is Italian American and therefore a lover of pizza.

Isaac Radner

Isaac is a former inhabitant of the Outdoor Education Special Interest Community, showing his interest in playing and having fun in the outdoors. His time working as a camp counselor four summers in a row have helped him foster his ability to have awesomely neverending energy and enthusiasm.

Max Rawson

Max is a first time NSO leader and rising junior who hails from Maine. Max enjoys backcountry skiing, playing music with friends, and sleeping. Max knows that this year NSO is going to be the best it has  ever been. Ever.

Jaxon Rickel

Jaxon is a rising junior and a first time NSO leader. He is really excited to have a great time getting to know the next generation of innovative and world-saving CC students. He cross country skis, mountain bikes, and plays the piano. On campus he loves being a part of the non-typical greek life system on campus (Fiji). Jaxon’s words of advice are: “Prepare yourselves for an amazing NSO and for the greatest college ever!”

Tom Roberts

Tom Robert is a rising sophomore from Colorado. He works in the Writing Center as a Peer Tutor at CC, and he also works in Student Government. Tom had an amazing experience with NSO, and he hopes to help the incoming freshmen have as awesome of a time.

Kendall Rock

Kendall is a rising senior from Washington. At CC, she is the Chief Photo Editor for the Catalyst, the student newspaper. She also makes amazing films. Kendall looks forward to leading NSO and getting to know the freshmen..

Alison Rowe

Alison Rowe is a senior at CC, and this is her second time leading NSO. She loves dancing, cooking, and anything that involves the outdoors. She is psyched to meet CC’s incoming class and show them all just how great this place is!

Ruby Samuels

Ruby is a sophomore hailing from New York. Ruby loves the outdoors and hopes that through leading NSO, she can help new students gain an appreciation of working outdoors and creating community.

Andrew Sanger

Andrew is a junior from Washington DC who is psyched to lead NSO for his first time. Andrew plays on the Men’s Rugby Team at CC and likes to be outside.

Will Sardinsky

Will Sardinsky is a rising sophomore here at CC. He loves anything in the outdoors, taking photography, and playing Ultimate Frisbee. Will is super stoked for NSO because there is going to be so much gorp and because “it’s basically a week of summer camp before school starts.”

Will Schube

WIll Schube is a Senior. He likes to read things and bike to places. He also likes to watch movies. He does so at school as an English Film Track major. He is also the self-appointed King of Intramural Sports at THE Colorado College.

Taylor Schwabe

Taylor cannot believe that she is already going to be a junior this fall - and she is looking forward to leading NSO for the second time...Taylor is a biology major who passes her free time with musical instruments, volunteering with younger folk, and spending time in the outdoors. She is super pumped to give her trippees a great entrance to the greatest college on planet Earth!!!!!

Sally Shatford

Sally is a senior studying Geology and Mathematics and member of the women's rugby team. As a returning NSO leader, Sally is looking forward to welcome the new students to Colorado College. Sally takes advantage of all there is to enjoy in the Colorado outdoors and can’t wait to lead incoming students into the beautiful Rocky Mountains. If Sally is your leader, you are in for a good time!

Ellen Smith

Ellen Smith is from Dallas, TX. This past summer she worked as a hiking counselor at Cheley Colorado Camps. At Colorado College, Ellen is a Geology major, works at the Gear House, leads trips for the Outdoor Recreation Club and volunteers for the Early Birds Program and Breakout.

Molly Snell

This is Molly’s first year leading NSO, and she is super pumped to bring boat loads of energy and excitement to such an awesome program! She can’t wait to meet some awesome freshman and learn what everyone’s most excited for at CC. Molly loves baking, playing ultimate frisbee, playing soccer, being outside, meeting new people, and attempting to knit.

Veronica Spann

Veronica has been leading trips through the ORC since freshman year, but this is her first time leading NSO. Her repertoire of special talents include, but are not limited to, speaking conversational icelandic, carving wooden spoons, and pouring the perfect milk-to-cereal ratio. Veronica is crazy about knitting, photography, and the great outdoors.

Annie Stimson

Annie is a senior Sociology major who is planning to go onto medical school to become an OB/GYN. Since freshmen year at CC, Annie has gotten increasingly into rock climbing, skiing, hiking, and slack lining (classic!!). Annie is also a life-long horse rider. NSO is way too fun for Annie to not be involved and she is stoked to get to know her trippees for a fabulous week!

Maggie St. Jean

Maggie is a rising junior and is very excited to lead NSO this upcoming year. She had a profound experience on her NSO trip, and hopes to pass that on to the incoming freshmen class of 2018!

Erika Versalovic

Erika is a rising senior and is very excited to give back to CC what she was given during her NSO experience.

Liz Waterman

A rising sophmore at CC, Liz runs on the cross country team and her hobbies include bike touring, backpacking, and cooking delicious food. This will be Liz’s first year leading NSO and she is so stoked to meet the incoming freshmen class and go on an amazing service trip!

Emma Whitehead

Emma is a rising junior working towards a degree in International Political Economy and Spanish. NSO is a great introduction to CC and a springboard into your years at Colorado College. Emma believes strongly in the service component of the NSO experience as a way to foster community stewardship within students. Emma is excited to get to know the incoming students! Welcome class of 2018!

Maia Wikler

Maia is a rising senior and Anthropology/Southwest Studies major. At CC, she is heavily involved in GlobeMed and the Global Health University Committee. Maia had a fun and involved experience with NSO and hopes to help the incoming class have a similar time.

Rebecca "Rebs" Willey

Rebs is a rising senior who is so excited about leading the Priddy Experience! At CC, she is involved in Greek life, has enjoyed living in the Spirit of Nonviolence living and learning community, is a member of the student organization Feminist Collective, and is involved in the student production Dance Workshop. She can’t wait to help make NSO week and the Priddy Experience amazing for the class of 2018! 

Ingrid Wilt

Ingrid is a rising sophomore from Minnesota. She is stoked to meet and hang out with the incoming class and help their transition to CC.

Margaret Wolf

Margaret is a senior Biology major and is excited to be leading NSO for her second year! Margaret’s NSO leaders made her transition into CC feel so easy, and she would love to be part of that experience for incoming students. When Margaret is not leading NSO, you can find her at the ice rink, playing soccer on the quad, in the Outdoor Education office, or playing banjo on her porch.

Blaise Yafcak

Blaise is a senior biology major focusing on wildlife conservation. She likes coffee, road trips, and Harry potter. She is psyched to introduce the class of 2018 to CC!

Matt Zia

Matt is a rising senior majoring in Environmental Science. Matt enjoys everything about the Colorado outdoors and spends a lot of his time adventuring with the Outdoor Recreation Committee. When he is not backpacking, he can be found on the field playing Ultimate Frisbee or creating otter-puns. You otter love it! Matt can’t wait to share his love of the outdoors with incoming students!