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    Rental Policies


    (These will be posted at the front desk of the Gear House)

    • All renters must read and sign the Acknowledgement and Release prior to their first rental of the academic year.  A new Release must be signed annually.
    • All renters must provide a verifiable Colorado College ID# and email address.
    • Upon return, each renter must pay, with Cash, Check or GoldCard+, the full rental price with the discounts they are duly owed. 
    • Any renter returning gear late will pay, in full, the appropriate late fees.
    • Each renter responsible for lost items, components, or unreasonable wear will be billed for replacement and repair costs.
    • Unreturned items and unpaid fees will be charged to the renter’s Colorado College student account, along with an additional $50 fee. 



    *Discounts do not apply to damage fees, cleaning fees, or replacement fees* 

    • 25% Discount - Certified ALI: Leaders
    • 50% Discount - Certified ALI: Mentor Leaders
    • 100% Discount - Group Gear for all Outdoor Education trips (must be checked out by leaders)