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    What's Going On?

    The Outdoor Education Center Garden

       Garden (Spring)One of the Green Team’s first projects was constructing a “hoop house” for the Outdoor Education Center’s garden. Essentially, a hoop house is a simplistic greenhouse used to grow plants during the winter, built using narrow PVC piping, rebar stakes, and plastic. Despite several rough winter storms, the primitive structure has endured and is ready to welcome the warm weather and vegetable plants. The vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers grown here are up to the students and the crop that the garden yields is free to anyone.

    Composting System

       Compost wine barrelsHaving recently revamped and stained the compost barrels, the Green Team hopes to offer workshops on how the OEC compost system works. The compost system allows us to consume veggies from the garden and then recycle our food scraps back into the garden to produce more food. The intentional oak wine barrel design works to insulate the compost more than other materials, so that microorganisms can break down kitchen and garden scraps at their ideal temperature. Tumbling the barrels helps to mix the compost and increase aeration, which stimulates breakdown. We transfer the compost at different stages of its breakdown until it’s ready to be transferred to the garden where we grow our veggies!


    GreenAwardMost recently, the Green Team has worked with the Office of Sustainability in promoting the Green Room Certification challenge. The task is simple. Go to the CC homepage; search “Eco RA”; review the checklist; click the link to certify your room to apply. Once you’ve applied, an Eco-RA can assess your room’s eligibility for being green certified. If your dorm has at least half its rooms certified, all residents will receive a free Chipotle party! It’s an effective and easy way to become more sustainable as an individual and community, and honestly, who can argue with free Chipotle?

    Ahlberg Gear Annex Solar Panels

    When the Ahlberg Gear Annex was built in the summer of 2017 sustainability was given a high priority.  To continue to reach for our goal of carbon neutrality, 11 Solar Panels were installed on the roof of the Ahlberg Gear Annex. These panels provide all the energy use for the annex, as well as helping to offset the energy use for the Outdoor Education Center.