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Colorado College and the

Evolution of the Classroom

 quill pen

Since the beginning of time devices such as cave drawings, engraved stone tablets, and quill pens were commonly used forms of communication. The pencil, invented around 1565 and refined in the 1700’s, was the tool of the trade at those times. Around 1800 A.D., chalk and the chalkboard were made common….

 And this was good.


While some of these are still viable tools used in Education, todays’ demand to meet the needs for Higher Education has increased at an insatiable rate. We now find that the technological boundary is being blurred between the classroom and the hand held PDA.

In the current climate Colorado College has initiated a push to bring more technology to the classroom in the form of “The Smart Classroom”. Equipping classrooms with a display device such as a flat panel TV or data projector, computer with internet access (or port to plug in a laptop) and video playback (Blu Ray, DVD, VHS) has enabled the professors to communicate on a more modern canvas within the classroom.

Another interactive device making its way to classrooms is the “SmartBoard”. This device allows the Professor to seamlessly combine the computer, the internet and the chalkboard into one device on a large format visual aid. Mark up a website, diagram a sentence, write your music on a staff, and save your work- email your presentation to your students. So many possibilities...

Smart Board


Smart Board 

Digital Signage

AV signage

Many departments have added these devices to help increase communication. Specialized information can be televised directly to the department or shared campus wide on any of the Digital Signage devices on the network conveying information on class schedules, student accomplishments, current weather reports, or other pertinent information.

Currently we continue to annually deploy more Smart Classrooms and upgrade existing systems to HD quality as well as bringing new technologies and systems to enable you to enjoy a more immersive experience at Colorado College.

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