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Worner Boxes

How Worner Boxes Are Assigned

All full-time degree-seeking students are assigned a Worner Box or in some cases a Worner T-Box for receiving mail and packages. The Worner Boxes are assigned by the Registrars Office. The Registrars Office makes every effort the keep the same box assigned to students for the entire time that they are enrolled in classes; however, this is not always possible. If you study abroad for an entire year sometimes your box will get reassigned. Please check with the Registrars office if you are gone for an extended period of time for whatever reason i.e. study abroad or a leave of absence. Incoming and returning students should receive an email at their Colorado College email address giving them their Worner Box number and correct mailing address format; this information can then be shared with family and friends prior to the beginning of classes.

Worner Box Combinations

Worner Box combinations can be obtained from the Worner Mail Center staff upon arrivalor it maybe found in “Self Service Banner” as well. Please store this combination in a safe and retrievable place such as a cell phone notepad. If you are unable to remember your combination, the Worner Mail Center staff will be happy to assist you with this information.

Worner T-Box holders may pick up mail or packages from the front counter of the Worner Mail Center.

Receiving Packages

You must present a CC Student Gold Card to claim any packages.

The Mail Center receives package deliveries daily (except for weekends and holidays) from various shipping companies. When they are delivered, all packages are entered into our package tracking software and a bar coded label is printed which includes the student’s name and Worner Box number for each package received. The software also allows students to sign electronically for their packages to ensure sure that packages are accounted for.   

NOTE: Online package tracking may show that a package has been delivered but we don’t have it ready until a label is placed into your Worner Box. If you have a question regarding a shipment please have pertinent information ready (i.e., who is making the delivery, tracking number(s). This will help the staff locate status of the package more efficiently

USPS delivery conformations can be confusing. Sometimes the tracking says a package has been “delivered” when it is still at the Nevada Street post office, not Colorado College. .  The package generally arrives one or two working days after the “delivered” date.