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Intercampus Mail

This consists of mail sent out by CC departments for delivery to addresses on campus.

 This mail can be a memo for general distribution or items addressed to a specific individual or position within the College. Specific addressee mail, if not in an envelope, should be folded and marked with the individual’s name or title and that person’s department. Multi-page items must be stapled (no paper clips, please)... We strongly encourage the use of inter-campus mail envelopes for campus mail. If stationery envelopes are used for inter-campus mail, please ensure that “Campus Mail” is printed prominently on the envelope or a note attached if there is more than one envelope being sent. If correspondence is not enclosed in envelopes, it should be folded. With intercampus envelopes, ensure that you use the next sequential address line on the envelope.

Inter-campus mailings must be presented in a specific order for distribution. Faculty and Staff mail must be presented in department order.

To expedite the process, letters are quickly scanned. We sort mail by name and department. Failure to list the department’s name may result in delay or misdirection of your mail. Envelopes with insufficient name are automatically put aside for later research and may result in delivery delays. Please do not abbreviate names of people and departments. Abbreviating may cause delays in sorting in addition to possible incorrect deliveries. Properly addressed campus mail is usually delivered the next day.

Confidential material may also be inserted into an inter-campus envelope. The envelope should be sealed or taped shut and marked “Confidential.”

Student mail is required to be sorted by ascending box number order.

Proper Address

Intercampus Mail must be properly addressed as follows to assure prompt and accurate delivery:

Student Mail: First and Last Name & Student Mailbox number

Faculty/Staff Mail: First and Last Name & Department

Campus Mailing Lists

The preparation of large address lists for distribution of information is the responsibility of the particular department. The department must ensure that the outgoing mail is sorted according to departments. Doing so will expedite delivery. Faculty and Staff mail must be separated into departmental order. Student mail should be sorted in ascending box number order. Any mail not received in the proper order will be returned to the department of origin for correction.