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Incoming & Outgoing Mail

Incoming Mail

Incoming USPS mail is picked up by Mail Services around 8:45am. This mail is generally sorted by 9:30am. The mail is then delivered around campus according to daily approximate scheduled rounds.

Outgoing Departmental Mail

Outgoing mail is picked up from departments at the same time incoming mail is delivered. The mail is processed and generally dispatched the same day. Departments need to separate International mail, First-class domestic mail, mail requiring special attention, and inter-campus mail. The different categories of mail should be bundled and marked separately. Providing clearly marked bundles stating “Intercampus,”“To Be Metered,” and “Special Handling” will ensure smooth and faster handling. All outgoing mail to be meter stamped by us must have a department’s organization code, including the department’s name. The mailroom will charge the department whose code is provided. For proper billing, please utilize the Mail Services metered mail slip (include your name, organization code on the slip).

Overnight mail should be hand delivered by department for same day processing. If sent through intercampus mail, the item may not be processed in time for that day’s courier pick up.

Worner Mail Center has the right to refuse any mailing that may damage the postal equipment during processing. Mail that is not properly packaged will be returned to the office of mailing to be re-packaged. It is the responsibility of the department to package and address their own packages.

Outgoing Personal Mail

You may deposit your personal, out-going, stamped mail in the outgoing tray in your department. Personal mail will be picked up by the U.S. Postal Service between 2:00 and 2:30 pm every working day along with the College’s mail. Outgoing personal mail must be sealed and must bear the proper postage.

Preparation of Outgoing Mail

Separate self-addressed mail from mail to be metered. All letters should be bundled neatly with rubber bands and should be facing the same way. Individual stamped letters should be sealed before putting in the mail.

International mail and mail requiring special handling like “Express or Priority” mail should be separated and marked with clear instructions.

Sealing Envelopes

If you require us to seal envelopes for you, please ensure that they are bundled, facing the same way, with their flaps nested. Unsealed envelopes must be wrapped with a rubber band to keep their contents intact and to ensure smooth handling.

Our mailing machines do not seal envelopes over ¼” thick. Departments should therefore seal their own envelopes if envelopes fit this criteria. We encourage the use of envelopes with seals perpendicular to the address.

If you use “window” envelopes, please ensure that the entire address shows through the window. Do not staple enclosures to the window of the envelope. If the address does not properly fit the window, please use an envelope without a window.

Accountable Mail

Express mail, certified mail, and registered mail are categorized as accountable mail, this mail is tracked and accounted for. Mail Services assumes responsibility for this mail when we receive it on your behalf and this responsibility is discharged only when the item is delivered to the recipient. Registered mail can not be mailed out by Mail Services.  Therefore, this mail must be taken to the post office for mailing by sender.

Carriers deliver mail to us throughout the day. Express mail received after the scheduled run for your department has been made will be delivered to you on the same day if resources are available. Big parcels and boxes are generally handled separately and are not delivered during the normal campus runs. If your department is closed when the delivery is being made or if there is no one available at your department to sign for receipt of the mail, it will be signed for by the Mail courier and left in the office (exceptions: computers or other high-value items).

Mail Services will make every effort to deliver any live animals, perishable items or items that need refrigeration within one hour of their delivery to Mail Services.  Perishable mail immediately becomes the responsibility of the department the moment Mail Services delivers the parcel. Mail Services has no provision to refrigerate parcels and is not responsible for these shipments if no one is available for signature or if the department office is locked during delivery attempts. Departments requiring refrigerated shipments are asked to advise Mail Services in advance of arrival.