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Courier Services


We use various courier firms for mailing out letters and packages. The use of various domestic and international private courier services draws maximum benefit for the College community. We handle Federal Express, UPS, and USPS services. Packaging is the responsibility of the mailer. You must ensure that packages are adequately sealed and packed to be acceptable for shipment by couriers.

When using Express courier service, the complete address and telephone number of the consignee are required to ensure speedy delivery. An appropriate request note or message must be sent to us for mail to be shipped by specific couriers. With the exception of the U.S. Postal Service, domestic PO Box numbers are not accepted addresses by most courier delivery services. For most rural locations, Saturday delivery may not be available. Please check with Mail Services or the Worner Mail Center for specific information.

U.S. shippers have no control outside domestic borders. Shipment delivery can be affected by local politics and unforeseeable conditions, which are outside U.S. jurisdiction. Hence, carriers cannot guarantee a specific date of delivery overseas. If shipping commodities or gift articles outside the U.S., a “Commercial Invoice” or “Customs Declarations” will have to be completed.

The responsibility of the Mail Center is exercised when mail is processed properly and handed over to the courier. From that point on, the courier becomes accountable for the mail. Although we may guide and assist you in tracking lost or missing shipments and in following up with couriers, we assume no other responsibility. All claims are determined by individual carriers.

Selection of couriers also depends upon the time the delivery is required to be made to the addressee and the destination. (65% of “Overnight Mail” does not need to arrive at the destination at a specific time)

Most couriers, with a few exceptions, offer next-day and second-day services. Most Couriers schedule deliveries at 10:30 am, noon, and 3:30 pm. Price schedules vary as per service levels, delivery times, and amongst various couriers. At the Worner Mail Center we try to locate the ideal courier for your services in order to obtain the best value.

Courier accountable mail is tracked by “Airway Bill” numbers. Please have the tracking numbers and carrier information ready when inquiring about shipments.

You are required to put your Organization code into the reference fields of outgoing shipments air bill by any courier service chosen.


United Parcel Service (UPS)

We presently offer Ground, package service through UPS. Transactions are on cash, check or CC Gold card basis; they may also be charged to department accounts. An Organization code must be provided by the sender and given to Mail Services staff at time of sending for charges to department accounts. If the shipment is processed by the department, the Organization code must be entered into the reference field.  The cutoff time for accepting packages for UPS to go out that day is 2:00 pm. This service is ideal for parcel sending and provides up to $100.00 insurance at no extra charge and can be insured for more with a fee of only 1.95 cents for each additional $300.00. This service provides the sender with a tracking number for convenient tracking of delivery time.

Federal Express (FedEx)

Federal Express offers overnight and two day, ground and other options for letter package service. Transactions are on cash, check or CC Gold card basis; they may also be charged to department accounts.

An Organization code must be provided by the sender and given to Mail Services personnel at time of sending for charges to department accounts. If the shipment is processed by the department the Organization code must be entered into the reference field. The cutoff time for accepting FedEx packages to go out same day is 2:00pm. Anything received after that time will go out the next day.

If you process a Fed-ex package after the pick-up time, it is the responsibility of the department to take the package to Fed-ex drop-box in the basement of the Worner Campus Center.

This drop-box is picked up at approximately 5:00pm. If the shipment will not fit into the drop-box please do not leave it on top of the drop-box as it could be subject to theft. This service is best suited for overnight letter services and provides the sender with a tracking number for easy tracking of delivery date and time.

U.S. Postal Services (USPS)

We offer the following USPS services:

  • Express Mail
  • First Class Mail
  • Priority Mail
  • Media Mail (Book Rate)
  • International Mail

Rates of all services are subject to change without notice.

Express Mail

This is an extremely reliable and fast delivery service from the USPS. This service is available for all major zones in the U.S. and 84 foreign countries. Express Mail provides for shipment of letters, documents, and other mailable items, and carries document reconstruction insurance at no additional cost. You may mail up to 70 pounds. This service offers next-day domestic delivery six days a week at no extra charge in most areas (some may be 2 days).

Express mail offers a variety of other service options to meet your mailing needs. The options are:

  • Delivery to Post Office Box
  • Express Mail International Service

Mail requiring this service must be delivered to Central Services by 1:30 pm to make that day’s mailing. A proper request note must accompany each piece. Domestic Overnight Delivery is guaranteed by the U.S. Postal Service and provides for a full refund of postage amount if the mail is not delivered as scheduled. International delivery times may vary by country of destination. Due to lack of Postal Services’ control over international situations and foreign delivery systems, no guarantee or refund of fees is offered.

First Class Mail

The following are considered First Class matter and must carry postage at First Class or Priority mail rates.

  • Matter wholly or partially handwritten or type-written (including identical copies prepared by automatic typewriter), originals or carbons, invoices (except when accompanying the matter to which they relate), postal cards, post cards
  • Matter sealed against postal inspection
  • Bills and statements of account
  • Forms with written figures charging items or prices
  • Blank printed forms filled out in writing, including canceled or un-canceled checks

A computer printout may or may not be determined for First Class mail depending upon its content. Please contact USPS at (800-275-8777) for additional information.

Priority Mail

Priority Mail service should be used for First Class mail requiring expedited delivery within three days. All First Class mail exceeding 11 ounces but not exceeding 70 pounds is automatically considered “Priority Mail.” However, there is no minimum weight limitation and, at the option of the mailer, any mail weighing less than 11 ounces can also be processed as Priority Mail. Priority Mail is normally delivered within two to three business days and is not a guaranteed service and cannot be tracked. For up to one pound weight, the flat rate fee is $5.60. Use Flat Rate “Priority Envelopes” when possible. These envelopes are free and allow up to one pound of weight for $5.60. Please contact the Worner Mailroom for information on larger Flat Rate boxes.

International Mail

Except for certain restrictions, most items are mailable to foreign countries. Please contact Central Services to determine specific classification and required documentation.

If customs regulations are not followed and documentation is not proper, items may be impounded by foreign customs. Domestic and foreign customs regulations do not offer special concessions to any specific courier. Thus, irrespective of the carrier used, you must comply with the local customs regulations. The last line of any foreign address should be the country name spelled out in capital letters in English. Please remember to keep International Mail separated from Domestic mail.

Business Reply Mail (BRM)

BRM service enables mailers to receive their replies by First Class mail by paying reply postage only on the mail which is returned to them. We will guarantee payment of the appropriate First Class postage, plus a handling charge per piece, to the U.S. Postal authorities on your behalf. Please provide Mail Services the correct budget code for your mail piece. If you decide to design a Business Reply envelope or card, please consult us for advice on the proper format. Effective January 2014, USPS will require that your mail-piece have an IMB (Intelligent Mail Barcode) for the discounted rates. Please contact Mail Services Coordinator for the necessary paperwork.