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About Mail Services

The primary function of Mail Services is to distribute incoming mail and packages and expedite outgoing letters and packages for Students, Faculty and Staff. We also distribute intercampus mail.

The Mail Services department has two locations on campus: the Worner Mail Center is for student mail and packages; the Mail Services location is for faculty and staff mail and packages. The Mail Courier picks up USPS mail and packages for the campus from the Nevada Street Post Office. Daily Student mail and packages are generally delivered to the Worner Mail Center for processing by the mail center staff by 8:30am. It is our goal to have all USPS mail for students sorted and in their Worner Box by 12:00pm, however if we have a heavy volume of mail or packages the time will be later.

Mail for campus departments and package delivery routes begin around 10:00am.

The times for both operations may vary depending on the volume of mail received. Expect delays if there is bad weather, around holidays or after block breaks.

Worner Mail Center

The Worner Mail Center is located at 902 N. Cascade Avenue in the basement of the Worner Campus Center, directly across from the Bookstore. All student mail and packages are sorted and distributed to the student’s “Worner Box and T-Box” at this location. The Worner Mail Center also sells postage stamps and has a varied selection of USPS Flat rate, FedEx boxes and envelopes. The Mail Center does not sell mailing supplies such as boxes or envelopes. Worner Mail Center accepts cash, checks, MasterCard and Visa or C.C. Gold cards as payment for postage or shipping.

The Worner Mail Center is now accepting credit/debit cards as a payment source for mailing packages and stamp purchases. However, the following are the guidelines that have been established in order to use a debit or credit card for payment.


1.)    $10 minimum charge to use a credit/debit card for payment

2.)    There is a $2 surcharge on each credit/debit card payment.

3.)    Visa and MasterCard are the only cards that are accepted.

4.)    Cards can only be swiped; account numbers cannot be manually entered.

5.)    No exceptions to rules 1-4!


All outgoing USPS, UPS and FedEx packages are picked up from the Worner Mail Center Monday through Friday. Any package deliveries scheduled for Saturdays are delivered to the Worner Campus center front desk and can be picked up from that location on weekend days. If the deliveries are not picked up on Saturday or Sunday from the front desk they will be taken to the Worner Mail Center on the following Monday.

Worner Boxes are the equivalent to a PO Box; however, “PO Box” should not be used as part of the mailing address, since this will cause mail to be confused at the local Colorado Springs Post Office with actual PO boxes at the post office. Worner Boxes are used so that shippers such as UPS and FedEx (who will not deliver to PO boxes) will deliver to Worner Boxes. Worner Boxes are assigned to students by the Registrars office. The Registrars office makes every effort to keep a student in the same Worner Box for their entire academic stay, although this is not always possible. Packages are defined as anything that will not fit into the students Worner Box.

Mail Services Building

The Mail Services building is located at 815 N. Tejon St. All Faculty and Staff mail and packages are processed at this location. This is also where all mail and packages addressed to 14 E. Cache La Poudre St. are received. The Mail Services building location does not process any outgoing mail or packages and does not sell postage stamps, nor does it have any type of courier pickups.

The Mail Services building is used as the package overflow area during the beginning of the academic year to accommodate the high volume of packages. Oversized packages are stored in this secured area and must be picked up from this location as well.

Approximate Package Delivery Times By Carriers

Package delivery times vary for all carriers. Mail Services and Worner Mail Center receive package deliveries throughout the entire day. Delivery times are affected by weather or other unforeseen events. Following are estimated delivery times for carriers, Mail Services has no control of these times.

USPS – 10:00am – 2:00pm (for Express and other packages or mail that was not ready for the Mail Couriers).

FedEx Express – 9:00am - 2:00pm

FedEx Home – same as Express

FedEx Ground – 10:00am - 3:00pm

UPS – 9:00am – 1:00pm

DHL – Anytime during the day